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Five Reasons You Want To Host A Flower Crown Party!

Dec 15, 2016
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1.Décor is easy…

Just scatter flowers on the table. I wanted the flowers to steal the show so I used brown wrapping paper as table runners. Adding a glittering heart here and there and writing the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23in white marker.

12.Prep is quick…

Stop in at your local florist and let your imagination go wild! Flower crowns aren’t just dainty anymore, the bolder the better. Remember to add some wire and flower tape to your basket.

23. No need to worry about entertainment, guest seating or people getting along…

Busy hands = Busy minds and makes any social discomfort disappear. Everyone loved making their own crown and that was all the entertainment needed. Topics of discussion flowed freely and everyone was at ease with one another.

busy-1024x6834. Thank you gifts are taken care of…

Flower crowns brighten up any spot (even dried) and will make the memory of this awesome party last for weeks, even months.

35. And Finally…

The photo ops are endless and beautiful!

4Top Mommy Tips:

Keep food and drinks easy! You want to spend time with your gals, talking and laughing while making your crown. I chose the buffet route, preparing loads of different tapas and toppings. Guest could build their own Brushettas as the hunger pangs struck.

Drinks were also self-serve with a DIY Sangria Bar. I prepared 3 different Sangria mixes, Red, White and Non-Alcoholic. The ladies got to add their favourite fruits and voila!

Being a girl’s party dessert is a MUST! The yummiest, easiest Oreo Cheesecake was a winner, you can find the recipe here.


PHOTO CREDITS | Littish Beyleveld from Littish Photography.

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