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First Aid Kit essentials by Survival CPR

Jan 23, 2018
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At the end of last year I had the pleasure of attending a CPR and First Aid course by Survival CPR. It was incredible and I was blown away by how much I learnt in one Saturday (and not even a full day; 9am to 3pm).

For the 1st time ever, I am now confident (and certified) to give CPR to a baby, child or adult in need and I also know how to treat minor wounds and trauma and other common childhood illnesses. I finally know “when it’s time to head to the ER”!

During the course basic household safety was also discussed, with the focus on prevention seeing as most child related accidents and traumas treated in the ER could usually have been prevented… it’s scary but true. The course has been such an eye opener and I really believe every parent, caregiver and person that has to do with kids should attend.

In the meantime I’ve teamed up with Catherine Rodwell, the nurse behind this amazing initiative. Together we’ll be sharing ways to improve safety in your home and also how to prevent and treat some minor injuries. With 3 girls (one being a tomboy and the other a dare devil) I definitely need all the tips I can get… For our 1st post Sr. Catherine shares the most important items to have in your first aid kit.

Basics needed to treat common childhood injuries and conditions:


A high temperature can result in febrile convulsions if not managed straight away. Always try paracetamol first (Empaped suppositories, Panado, Calpol or any other paracetamol syrup), also remember to sponge your little one off with tepid water. If this does not bring the temperature down after 30 minutes, you need to try an anti-inflammatory (Neurofen syrup or Ponstan suppositories). This will also help enormously if your baby or child has pain from teething, a sore tummy or even a headache from too much time in the sun.


Best prevented before managed but unfortunately, with  water play and full days in the sun, little ones get slightly more than sun kissed… It’s painful and has harmful long term effects on their precious skin. Burnshield is ABSOLUTELY one of the most vital components to your first aid kit. From sunburn to hot water and fire burns, this incredible product will stop pain, help prevent infection, hydrate and help prevent sun / burn damage. As a trauma / ICU nurse Catherine hasn’t come across any other product that works as effectively as Burnshield. (And it is a SOUTH AFRICAN product, exported the world over – how “cool”). It is a good idea to keep a bottle of Burnshiled Hydrogel in your kit as well as Burnshield dressings (two big and two small). They have saved the day many times ( camping, beach braais, sunburn etc).


From Mozzie bites to blue bottle stings and strange unbeknown creatures. An antihistamine ointment can help with pain and irritation from various bites and rashes caused by insects or plants. If you have a history of allergic reactions you should make sure you keep antihistamine and cortisone syrups in your kit too and if you have severe allergies you should definitely have an Epipen with you at all times.


These may seem to be a kit filler and not worthwhile but they are an essential. Should you have a break; sprain; bleed or other injury bandages and plasters go a long way to elevate, immobilise, help stop bleeding and relieve pain when there is a trauma injury to manage.

REMEMBER: Check with your doctor or pharmacist what medications are appropriate for your child. Children can be allergic to certain ingredients in different medications and always be sure to check for the correct dosage too. 

5. And in a life threatening emergency, you need to know how to do CPR!

This can be the difference between life and death and learning how to correctly perform CPR is so easy. Survival CPR runs CPR and first aid courses every Saturday. Have a look on their website for more info and to book a class near you. You can also stay up to date by liking their Facebook page.

First Aid, First Aid Kit essentials by Survival CPR

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