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Feminine fall fashion for Mama and Mini

May 19, 2017

Feminine – {Adjective}

  1. having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with woman,especially delicacy and prettiness.womanly, womanlike, ladylike, girlish, female etc.

May has always been such a girly month to me… It might be Mother’s Day still lingering or the way mother nature starts tucking away every plant and tree as all the autumn leaves fall to the ground, preparing us for winter hibernation. It could just be the gorgeous fall fashion that awakens my inner fashionista but one thing I know is that I LOVE being a woman this time of year!

Having two little ladies of my own has definitely intensified this even more and I jumped at the opportunity to celebrate all thing feminine, fun and beautiful with my squad!

When I think gorgeous, feminine fashion, celebrating womanhood; the Anneen Henze Collection is one of the 1st that jump to mind. Every garment classically designed and made to the highest of standards. I love the timeless, simplistic elegance Anneen puts into every item and I couldn’t wait for the weather to cool down so that I could start wearing my EVAH dress.

Easy to dress up or down, easy to wash and also flowing and flattering enough to grow with my new curves and ever expanding baby bump. This is definitly a “go-to” dress in my maternity closet and always has me feeling confident and beautiful!

Annapatat Kids, another proudly South African girlboss label that embraces and celebrates all things girly. Anneke does for my girls what Anneen does for me; getting them to instantly dance, skip, twirl and laugh whenever they put on one of her creations. It’s about having fun, exploring, being kids…

With so much attention to detail, every item will blow your mind and be treasured forever. All garments are also great quality and Lia has an amazing Annapatat collection thanks to the beautifully kept hand-me downs from big sis Eliana.

Spending an afternoon exploring the Harmonie Protea Farm in Rayton, searching for flower fairies and admiring all the pretty proteas in bloom. Who knows; we might be back in a couple of months with another wee lady in our gang.


Mari-Louise Wears | Anneen Henze Collection EVAH dress in grey, Blu Betty Pippa Leather Flats in bone.

Eliana Wears | Annapatat Kids Vintage Floral Dress in maroon, Fringe boots by Woolworths. Stockings by Pick n Pay Clothing.

Lia Wears | Annapatat Kids Vintage Floral Dress in maroon, Suede leather Fringe Moccasin boots by Shooshoos. Stockings by Pick n Pay Clothing.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison & West.

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