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DIY Pink Party 1st Birthday Celebration

Jan 11, 2018

Back in 2013 we celebrated Eliana’s 1st birthday. It was our first time planning and hosting a kids party. I’m not sure who was more excited; Mr. Perfect or myself… Eliana honestly couldn’t care less but, we were 1st time parents that survived the 1st year! It NEEDED to be celebrated. We went for the ultimate cliché; a girly PINK PARTY! (It was the year of pink and clichés are there for a reason, right?)

I planned every last detail and with quiet a bit of DIY we created the prettiest pink party, perfect for our princess.

Pretty DIY Decor

At the time we were living in our 1st home. A quant cottage style 3 bedroom duplex. We wanted to create a cute vintage-style celebration in our tiny backyard. We spent hours making endless strands of knotted fabric bunting, (to this day Mr. Perfect refuses to tie me a knot claiming he has filled his life quota). Casual bunches of flowers would be placed everywhere because all parties need flower, especially a pink party.

Lisianthus, roses, tiny daisies, anything pretty, pink or petit. Just like our Eli!

Baby-friendly food and drinks

The food would act a decor too so, everything had to be wrapped, placed in pretty container or at least tied with a bow, a pink bow. In Good Company (anyone remember them – best party store ever), had everything we needed.

Our little guests nibbled on all of Eliana’s favoutites:

  • strawberry Jogolino
  • fruit puree pouches
  • freshly cut mango and watermelon
  • baby biscuits
  • Cucumber, carrot and cheese sticks and
  • mini rice cakes.

Like with all our parties a drink station is a must! We included chocolate milk for the older kids, purity baby apple juice for the babies and boiled, chilled water too. Providing everyone with their own water bottle made things easy and much less messy.

Keeping our little guests entertained

SENSORY PLAY! Is there anything better at this age? Touching, feeling and tasting different textures. Getting messy and having fun!

The easiest (and cheapest) way to keep the littles busy; a big, shallow cardboard box filled with pink and white oat puffs. Add a few spoons, cups and scoops and every was content, enjoying the party.

We also made a little cardboard house to explore and the older kids enjoyed Eliana’s new sandpit, a gift from Oupa.

Something special we added was a mobile photo booth. It was kind of an inside joke seeing as were took soooooo many photos of Eliana (typical 1st time parents) and we would share them with everyone. I think Eliana had 200 albums on Facebook by her 1st birthday.

Guest got to take a photo inside the booth – 2 copies were printed. One to take home and the other to give to us with a note written to Eliana. This was so cool and we still love looking at the funny photo strips and reading all the lovely birthday wishes and blessings everyone wrote.

Eliana’s outfit

Of course we needed a special outfit so I made Eliana a 1st birthday onesie. Just something cute, comfy and with ruffles… Nothing more adorable than a baby bum covered in ruffles.

I added a headband (also made by Mama) and a paper party hat that she refused to wear. We even made party hats for the other guests too but everyone hated them… One year olds obviously don’t like cones on their heads.

(At least we got these pretty pictures.)

Eliana’s 1st birthday cake!

This was Eli’s first encounter with cake but we didn’t want anything fancy. A strawberry and vanilla sponge covered in pink butter icing, piped to resemble a flower.

It had to be fun to touch and yummy to taste and all of it was meant to be enjoyed by Eliana. We had cake pops for everyone else.

The day of the party everything was ready! Guest had arrived, gifts were brought but little miss Eliana was nowhere to be seen. Being 1 she was still sleeping a lot and almost slept through the entire thing. We still had a blast and the highlight of the day had to be the cake smash. Never have I seen a baby go at a cake like that. We had cake flying everywhere and these photos say it all!

As a gift, our photographer friend Mario Sales made this little video of the day. It’s probably one of our most prized possessions, I though I share it with you all! xxx


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  • Reply Laura Jan 12, 2018 at 3:19 am

    What a gorgeous party!!!! So much pretty in pink 🙂

    • Reply Mari-Louise Jan 12, 2018 at 4:53 am

      Thank you Laura. Pink is always such a winner for girls. x

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