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DIY: A Photo series of baby’s 1st year… Easy and inexpensive!

Dec 12, 2016

With the birth of our second little angel everyone kept telling us how fast time would fly and how we would never be able to capture all of the special milestones and moments as we did with our 1st baby. Life was going to get hectic and these things just wouldn’t be as important… This broke my heart and we refused to be a cliché.We needed to do something special yet easy.


Instead of capturing every movement and moment on camera, we decided to write down all the big events and important info from each month. At the beginning of the month I could just write it all up on the chalkboard my husband made, slap a sticker on a plain white baby grow and that’s it! A special way of documenting Lia’s 1st year!

We changed things up by adding different accessories and blankets. The crochet octopus seen in most of the photos (I can be a little bit forgetful at times…) is just something extra Lia could interact with and was also intended to show her size in comparison.


I really enjoyed writing everything up for each month and finding creative ways of getting all the info onto the 1m x 1,5m chalkboard. The stickers were probably the biggest challenge seeing as Lia loved pulling them off (hence some extra items making an appearance here and there).

Top Mommy Tip:

Make sure to take a photo of the info written on the chalkboard before you add your model. Babies are unpredictable and trying to get a good shot of baby, the monthly sticker as well as the background can turn a 10minute shoot into an hour long nightmare.

Looking back at all the images together I would also recommend trying to shoot in the same spot at the same time of day. Take some time to find the best natural lighting in your home.

Also use a tripod if you can and rather go without the flash.


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