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Apr 13, 2018
JustaMamma Disney Be Amazing 0142

Disney Princesses… Don’t we all have a favourite? That one princess that blew you away with her strength, charm and beauty. Someone you could look up to and aspire to be. For me it was (and will always be) Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The opening scene with her reading a book and dreaming of exploring the world described me to a tee – a little girl, stuck in a small town, always reading and plotting her way out of there (a dream I made come true, just like Belle). She even looked like me, brunette, big brown eyes… She had beauty, intelligence and the way she protected her dad, standing up to Beast! Wow, I’m still impressed.

Now, fast forward a couple of years and I’m a mom to 3 beautiful girls and just like that the Disney Princesses are back in my life but in a whole new way. I get to experience and know them through the eyes of our girls. From undersea birthday parties with Ariel to beautiful Aurora dress ups and princess training with Elsa and Anna.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

It’s like catching up with old, life-long friends and even getting introduced to some new ones too. Merida, Elsa and Anna, Snow White… Eliana and Lia loves them all!

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing
Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing
Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

So, when we where asked to be apart of the Disney Be Amazing campaign I jumped at the opportunity!

Disney, with the help of their wonderful Princesses, aim to empower girls by encouraging them to see how truly AMAZING they really are, because let’s face it, even in our modern world woman still have a mountain of challenges to overcome. Believing we CAN is the first victory!

Eliana and Lia are very different and so too are the princesses they look up to.

Eliana adores Pocahontas and I get why…

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

They share a caring character and incredible love for animals and mother nature, with a soft spoken kindness that touches the hearts of anyone they meet.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

Yet, they are strong, confident and fiercely independent exploring the world with an unquenchable sense of curiosity.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing PocahontasJust A Mamma Disney Be Amazing PocahontasJust A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

Determined to walk their own path in life and never compromising their free spirit!

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

Now I’ll admit, having a strong willed child isn’t always easy but I know that Eliana’s independence and determination will take her far and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

Lia, on the other hand has found a friend in Moana.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing Moana

Looking at the world with so much optimism, daring to be different. Like Moana, Lia may be small in stature but BIG in personality and ability.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing

Both are creative, resourceful and fearless.  Moana showed Lia how to be brave and also how to be her own “princess”, stepping out behind her big sister’s shadow.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing MoanaJust A Mamma Disney Be Amazing Moana

They also share a love for being barefoot and adventuring – Lia never gives up the opportunity to go somewhere even if it’s just down the road to the grocery store.

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing Moana

Both these princesses are caring and are unafraid to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Two values we hold dear and want our girls to make their own especially now, when bullying is at an all time high.

They aren’t conventional either and their beauty differs from popular culture. To our girls they are “everything” because they embody more than that which you see; “who they are” resonates with who Eliana and Lia strive to be.

Who knew Pocahontas and Moana would be besties one day? All it took was the love of two sisters…

Just A Mamma Disney Be Amazing Moana

We love spying on the girls, seeing them spend hours playing and letting their imagination and creativity take them wherever they want to go!

I know that it’s during these journeys of imagination that they learn to deal with everything life throws at them. And together with the help of their Disney Princess besties they are learning to solve problems, build confidence, feel free, develop communication skills and build their emotional armour.

My job as their mom… I just need to keep them believing that no matter their age – they have a Disney Princess locked inside themselves waiting to BE AMAZING no matter what the world throws at them.

Enjoy this little home video we made!

Music -“Beyond Dreams” by Scott Holmes (

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