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Child Birth, Natural And Beautiful

by | Dec 24, 2016 | Just Motherhood, Pregnancy | 0 comments

Just a few months after Fébé Marais’s 40th birthday she received the best gift ever… Her little girl Mishka! This 1st time mom fell pregnant by the grace of God, without any fertility treatments or pregnancy complications; this is her inspirational birth story…

Being sensitive to various medicines I decided to go for the natural route from day one. I believe that as woman we are given the bodies and the ability to carry and give birth to children and if there is no major threat or complication during pregnancy, all woman should be able to do what I did.

Midwives Exclusive at Femina Hospital gave me all the support and peace of mind needed during the 9 months of pregnancy prep as well as the day of Mishka’s birth. Heather Pieterse and her team was with us every step of the way, always supportive and always available. (From antenatal classes to false contractions, they were always friendly and patient and even visited us afterwards to help me with breastfeeding).

On Thursday, the 24th of November 2011, the big day arrived. It was week 40 of our pregnancy and contractions had started. Due to the risk factors associated with my age the decision was made not to take any chances and therefore birth was induced at 9h15.

Sticking to my guns I declined all types of pain relieving methods, I wanted Mishka’s birth to be as normal as possible. My wonderful husband Ian, supported me all the way, walking me up and down the parking area, doing everything the midwifes suggested to get my contractions going. We had a fantastic reflexologist at hand and with her help the contractions increased and I went into labour sooner than expected.

At 13h00 I knew I was in labour (exactly as the midwifes told me). I felt the most intense pain I had ever experienced, it was unbearable.

We had planned for a water birth and by 14h45 I started to feel Mishka’s head under the water. Unfortunately that was how far I was able to go under water and for the remaining part of labour I sat on a birth bench.

Finaly at 15h26 Mishka was born! A perfectly healthy 3,6kg baby girl.


I was so grateful to God, He carried us throughout pregnancy and the birth. He kept us safe. I was overwhelmed with emotions of joy, fear, excitement but most of all gratitude!

It was indeed the most amazing and unforgettable experience I have shared with my husband. He had the privilege of cutting the umbilical cord and was there the 1st time I breastfed Mishka. . I love him endlessly and without him by my side I would never have been so brave.

By 19h00 all the tests and observations were done and our new family of 3 was able to go home. Together in our own home and our own bed.


“Childbirth is an awesome experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever.” – Suzanne Arms



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