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Barbie Fashionistas: See your own beauty!

March 28, 2018
Just a Mamma Barbie

Let’s talk body image… Not just your own but your little ones’ too. I’m a mother of girls. The way I love and value myself is the way they will value and love themselves. It’s a hard truth that I have had to learn but thankfully the lesson came early and the solution could be handled in a fun manner. Thanks to some help from an old, childhood friend… It all started with a theme at school, “I am special”.…

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Things we love Toys

Nanook, Wooden Toys For Toddlers

December 26, 2016

Who says toys need to be all colour, all plastic and all noisy…? Don’t get me wrong, you’ve seen our playroom, I understand the value of all things bright and colourful but there is something about wooden toys that makes my heart skip a beat! I give you Nanook Furniture! The “love child” of Sue-Re Harris. Being the daughter of a carpenter, wood and dust runs through her veins. Inspired by everything and everyone around her this fellow tree-hugger lets…

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