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May #momspiration: 5 #boymoms we can’t get enough of.

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Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I truly hope every mom got all the love and appreciation she deserves, if only for that one special day… To us the entire May is needed to celebrate all you mamas, grandma’s, stepmoms and future moms. Last week we shared 5 #girlmoms we adore and today the #boymoms have their turn too.

Now I don’t know the first thing about boys but these mamas make raising future gentlemen, husbands and dads of the world seems like the most fun! Yes, they have the same hard days we all experience but from the beautiful mother-and-son bond they share, to the laughter-filled, crazy antics their boys get up to… There’s just something so inspiring about these mamas, I had to share them with you all!

The first mama of this #boymom squad is my friend Celesté. We’ve known each other for years but it was only after we both fell pregnant at the same time (Ava and little Andrew were born 2 days apart) that our relationship started to grow into what I now consider one of my closest and dearest friendships. Her minimal approach to all that she does always reminds me of what matters most in life and I can’t thank her enough for all that she teaches me. Celesté’s passion for being an involved mom, truly present in Andrew’s life, motivates me to approach motherhood with the same passion and joy as a first time mama. Together, with husband André they are creating a wonderful life for their family. One that we are lucky enough to share in.

Just a Mamma boymoms

1. When did you feel like a mom for the 1st time? That 1st “I am a mama moment”.

For the first few weeks after Andrew was born, I honestly felt a little overwhelmed. I had a baby, but I felt clueless. I loved breastfeeding, in fact I still do 10 months in, and those middle of the night feeds are some of my fondest memories with Andrew. Through it all, I still felt like someone with a baby rather than a mom. 5 weeks into motherhood, I was sitting with Andrew on my chest. He had just finished feeding, when out of nowhere, he started vomiting. Real, full blown, all over me, himself, the floor, chair, everywhere vomit. It just kept on coming! He was pale and cold. In that moment, and the days that followed, I felt like a mom.

I called my husband, we were in the car within minutes and rushed to the hospital. We sat through x-rays, and was admitted into paediatric ICU. Andrew was unable to feed. I was engorged, filled with fear and a massive dose of mom guilt. I felt completely helpless, waiting on test results. Never before have I experienced such an overwhelming sense of wanting to protect my son, willing to do anything, give anything, just to spare him what he was going through.

2. What is the best and the worst parenting advice you’ve ever received?

I haven’t received tons of parenting advice, awful pregnancy advice on the other hand… Some worst advice include: the best way to combat morning sickness is to eat nothing but condensed milk, pre-natal vitamins are just a money making scheme, and the ever popular comment of: “Oh wow, your 26 weeks? My friend had a miscarriage at 26 weeks.”- what a way to ruin any mom-to-be’s day!

3. Except for your little boy, of course… What’s the best thing or part about being a mom?

Since becoming a mom I have found a new sense of calm confidence. I feel completely content and at ease, which was an unexpected bonus for me! I also love how it has changed the way in which I see my husband, getting to know this amazing new side of him, it has been such a blessing.

4. If you could have a “supermom” power, what would it be?

Making babies fall asleep. Andrew is a really easy baby and sleeps well, but there are days and nights that are a real challenge. Being able to understand what a baby is thinking and feeling could come in pretty handy too.

5. Looking back at your childhood, what are your thoughts on your own mama?

I could literally write a book about my mom. My dad passed away very unexpectedly when I was 2, my brothers were 8, my mom was only 32. As a child, I remember my mom worked really hard, she was strict and she took care of us. As an adult, I came to the heartbreaking realisation of what she actually went through, for the first time I could empathise with her. One thing I learnt: my mom is by far the strongest person I know. She has been unwavering in her commitment to raising her children without ever feeling like we had less than anybody else. She never felt the world was unfair to us and we were never seen or made to feel like a burden. I don’t know how she did it or how she kept going, but she did.

Now that she is retired and on full-time grandma duty, I am getting to know a new side of my mom. I feel fortunate that God has spared her and granted us many blessed years with her. She has made my own journey as a new mom much easier. Being there to hold my hand through the scary first weeks. She has set an amazing example of perseverance, strength, trust in God and loyalty.

Just a Mamma boymoms

This full-time mommy is also a wonderful, part-time photographer. See some of Celesté’s beautiful work on her website, and find her on social media @celestevander_berg and Celeste van der Berg Photography.

I “met” Ali on Instagram and then afterwards in real life. We bonded over cloth diapers, stainless steel baby bottles and our shared love for mother nature. Ali is not a traditional mom and not just because of the cool ink she’s covered in or the fun, colourful makeup looks she enjoys but because together with hubby Werner they adopted Corey –  the cutest, friendliest, little person I have ever met. This family doesn’t just value love, compassion, acceptance and goodness but shows it in everything they do and with Ali’s Italian passion and heart of gold, you can’t help but want to be her friend. I feel lucky to call her one of mine.

Just a Mamma boymoms Ali Tambellini- Broers

1. When did you feel like a mom for the 1st time? That 1st “I am a mama moment”.

For the first two weeks I felt overwhelmed. The thing that concerned me most was bonding with our little boy, so that he would know that I am his mom. At that stage he would go to anyone.

We had no water for a few days, so I needed to go to family to do laundry and prep bottles. One day I was at my aunt’s place and Corey was napping. When he woke up everyone jumped up to look at him (as you do with new baby family members hehe) anyway, when he saw them he started to cry but as I walked into the room talking to him, he turned his head to me, gave me a giant smile and put his arms out… I was pretty excited! Since then every time he wakes up or he’s done with being down, he stretches his arms out to ME. Its pretty fantastic!

That was my mom moment. It was like a mutual understanding of “I am your mom, the one to keep you safe, make you feel at home, I am yours”. I cried. I was prepared for it to take months, maybe even years, but I was dedicated to working my butt off to prove to him that he can depend on me, but it only took two weeks. Also, now when someone comes over, instead of smiling and talking to them straight away, he gets shy and nuzzles into my chest, or squeezes me tight.

2. What is the best and the worst parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Best parenting advice – Do what works for your family. I cannot emphasise this enough. Every family is different and has different values. There’s no way that what works for one family will always work for another.

Worst parenting advice – I’m not sure if it was advice or if I was being shamed, but a woman was appalled that I was formula feeding. Instead of going through the stress of trying to get my body to do something that it was not prepared for and try breastfeed my 5 month old son that had never been breastfed… Gosh, she even had the gall to tell me about how she knew of a gay couple where the one father managed to breastfeed, so I had no excuse!

3. Except for Corey, of course… What’s the best thing or part about being a mom?

Exploring my creative side. Corey challenges my creative side on a daily basis, which is a part of me that I thought I lost.

4. If you could have a “supermom” power, what would it be?

This is such a hard one to answer. I have weighed up the pro’s and co’s of various “powers”. Like making sure Corey never suffers. Powers that have to do with making sure he never feels pain comes to mind but, I think I would just want him to always feel comfortable speaking to me. I didn’t always feel comfortable speaking to anyone when I was a kid, let alone my mom… I often think that’s all we need…

5. Looking back at your childhood, what are your thoughts on your own mama?

I am so much more empathetic to the decisions she made to keep our family going. I’ve realised that it’s impossible to be perfect and that your kids hold you to a pretty high standard. As an adult, and now as a mom, I have softened my thoughts and opinions. I had a tough childhood and I think my mom did the best she could, with the resources that she had (which were few). I admire that she was able to keep it together, and she did it all on her own! Which makes me realise how lucky I am to have an amazing partner in crime, my husband. I don’t think I’d be able to do this on my own.

Just a Mamma boymoms Ali Tambellini- Broers

Ali writes about food, being vegan and family life over on her blog; Compassion Kid you can also get to know her and the family better by following them on Instagram @compassionkidblog.

You probably know these faces… If not; you’ll want to. Fierce mama Chenel and her boys, James and Jaxson rule the insta-sphere with the stunning images this momtog captures of their life. Chenel calls herself honest and straight forward but sometimes forget to mention that she’s also funny and extremely hardworking, dedicated to creating the prettiest Instagram feed that celebrates family life with all the bliss and struggles it entails. Married to Eugene, these young parents make raising boys look like fun. I’m in awe of Chenel’s passion and her talent for creating perfect image after perfect image. Her go-getter attitude, strength and drive always inspires me to do more and be more for my family as well as myself.

Just a Mamma boymoms

1. When did you feel like a mom for the 1st time? That 1st “I am a mama moment”.

Oh wow I haven’t even thought about this before.

Probably when I had to go photograph a wedding just after James was born. He was only two weeks old. I had to express milk for him to drink while I was away. I kept googling how much milk I need to pump. Strange, but then it kind of clicked; this little human was mine and depended on me. I messaged my mother-in-law every 10 minutes asking how he was doing.

2. What is the best and the worst parenting advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have ever received (actually I read this in an article a long time ago and will forever remember it.) Character is something you show them. Not in some epic moment of your life, but in the sum of your daily actions. Want a good kid? Be a good adult”

Worst advice; “Don’t spoil your baby with too much cuddling, carrying and sleeping next to him.” Sorry, loving my baby doesn’t mean I am spoiling him. We all need a little (sometimes a lot) of love.

3. Except for your boys, of course… What’s the best thing or part about being a mom?

Leaving early at dinner parties of course! “Sorry guys, got to get the kids in bed…” This mama needs to get in bed! I love my sleep. Jokes aside, I absolutely adore the unconditional love my kids give me. There is nothing like it.

4. If you could have a “supermom” power, what would it be?

I’m pretty sure every mom would say this but… I would LOVE the power of never ever getting tired. No more moody and tired mama!

5. Looking back at your childhood, what are your thoughts on your own mama?

My mother is a very strong person and I have always admired that. She was always calm and you would never think anything was wrong. Super calm, no drama mama. I always wish to be as strong and confident as she is.

Just a Mamma boymoms Chenel Kruger

I don’t just admire Chenel for the woman she is but also for her photography skills. She is one of the best birth photographers in South Africa, so be sure to check out Birth Photography by Chenel Kruger on Instagram and Facebook too. She’s also an incredible content creator and blogger @james.and.jaxson and Life with James + Jaxson.

It’s almost impossible to describe the respect and admiration I feel for this #boymom. She is one of the strongest woman I know.

After Angela lost the love of her life, and father to their little boy Elijah in a tragic fire, this mama dusted herself off taking on the role of single parent and creative entrepreneur. Angela shares her heart and journey in a raw, open, honest way. Living a life that testifies to the strength of a mother’s love. Her kindness and warmth is tangible even over social media. Seeing the way she celebrates and appreciates life and being a mom reminds me that even in the worst of times, love prevails.

Just a Mamma boymoms

1. When did you feel like a mom for the 1st time? That 1st “I am a mama moment”.

When Elijah cried out for the first time. I had an emergency cesarean, my husband, Darrell was working in another province and could not get to me in time for the birth. My sister stood in and kept on saying “any minute now you will hear that first cry”. I was so anxious as Elijah had gone into distress and I didn’t know what the outcome would be. That first cry cemented me as a mom. I knew from then on I would spend every second looking out for him.

2. What is the best and the worst parenting advice you’ve ever received?

I think the worst advice must have been to give him water at a few weeks old. The best was from my sister, after Darrell died, when she told me Elijah must sleep in my bed.

3. Except for your son, of course… What’s the best thing or part about being a mom?

Knowing so much . Hahaha. It’s amazing the amount of new knowledge you need to acquire to be a better parent.

4. If you could have a “supermom” power, what would it be?

Not having to sleep. I could get so much more done. Or being able to get Elijah to sleep more easily.

5. Looking back at your childhood, what are your thoughts on your own mama?

She was beautiful and stylish and every time my parents traveled my mum would record a tape of bedtime stories for me to listen to.

Just a Mamma boymoms

Angela bares more of her beautiful soul with the world on her blog Our Sunshine Journey. You can also follow her and Elijah @oursunshinejourney and see her photography portfolio Another family photographer I dream of working with someday.

And lastly, another friend I love to bits! I’ve known Amy since even before she was a mom.

We met 5 years ago at Flair Baby Market and I’ve loved getting to know her and hubby Robert, as one of the coolest couples and baby brands. Together they are parents to Trey (coolest kid you’ll ever meet). You won’t find a more rocking family but it’s Amy’s generous heart and love for people that makes her the kind of mom I always strive to be. She is fun, true to herself, loving and appreciates individuality (and the colour black). Amy shows me how amazingly diverse true beauty is. She makes me want to get to really get to know our girls, respecting every unique aspect that makes them who they are. She also gives me the confidence to be who I am, even the music-festival Oppikoppi loving rocker I sometimes forget about.

Just a Mamma boymoms

1. When did you feel like a mom for the 1st time? That 1st “I am a mama moment”.

My first mom moment happened when little Trey was born. That overwhelming feeling of pure joy and love is the most incredible feeling in the world. The world finally made sense and I had found my purpose.

2. What is the best and the worst parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Best advice: Let them be who they are and not what you want them to be

Worst advice: When people try to push there preferences onto you as if there’s only one right way to do things. When that happens I usually tune out of the conversation and rather go with my gut.

3. Except for your little man, of course… What’s the best thing or part about being a mom?

Seeing the bond of pure love and joy between my husband and Trey. No relationship is perfect and sometime my hubby and I want to kill each other but when I see how Robby and Trey love each other and laugh together, so loud from their absolute core, it makes everything worth it.

4. If you could have a “supermom” power, what would it be?

I so wish I could put a video camera on Trey 24/7 so I never missed a single moment. I would also love to slow down time!

5. Looking back at your childhood, what are your thoughts on your own mama?

I am so grateful to my mom. The minute Trey was born everything made sense and I just felt these overwhelming emotions of everything my own mom must have gone through with me. I then immediately apologised for everything I had ever done wrong.

Just a Mamma boymoms Amy Portman Lullaby Rock

Amy and Rob are currently expecting their second little rock star and recently found out… They have a little girl on the way!

Follow their growing family on Instagram @little_snippets_of_us and support this mama-maker by checking out the cool clothes she designs over at Lullaby Rock Apparel, @lullaby_rock_apparel.

Reading these answers are so much fun and make me realise that even though we might be raising different genders, moms still face with the same struggles, dreams and triumphs when it comes to raising our little humans.

We are only halfway and have many more amazing moms still getting featured over the next two weeks. Be sure to check back next Monday again to see who they are.

Just a Mamma boymoms


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