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Gift Guide: Wooden toys made in South Africa

When it comes to supporting local, one of the easiest ways we, as parents, can do so, is by buying wooden toys made in South Africa! There's just something extra special about a toy lovingly crafted from nature... It's a win for your child, and a win for your home -...

Gift Guide: Wooden toys made in South Africa

When it comes to supporting local, one of the easiest ways we, as parents, can do so, is by buying wooden toys made in South Africa! There's just something extra special about a toy lovingly crafted from nature... It's a win for your child, and a win for your home -...

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Best Teacher’s Gifts 2019 (Thoughtful gift you can buy)

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Things we love | 0 comments

Before jumping into Christmas we need to take a moment to thank some important people… Teachers! As a former teacher myself I know how much love, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears goes into the work teachers do and that’s why this year, we are spoiling the teachers that have made such a big difference in the lives of our girls FIRST with some of the best teacher’s gifts we could find.

I’ve also spoken to a few former colleagues and teacher friends and they all are in agreement… The best teacher’s gifts don’t have to cost a lot, and sentimental quirks are cute, BUT nothing beats getting a gift you can actually use!

So here it is; our “Best Teacher’s Gifts 2019”!

Thoughtful gifts on a budget…


Gifts For Teachers 2019 1

  1. How about a speciality tea for your favourite “TEA”cher? The Higher Living organic range from Woolworths looks and tastes every bit as good as those fancy boutique teas and sells for only R39.99.
  2. This year every teacher is getting Teacher Appreciation Biscuits from Artful Biscuit Co. Made from real butter and free-range farm eggs these biscuits are as delicious as they are pretty. And I know this because they are always a HIT at our birthday parties. The designs are so cute and will be delivered between the 20th and 26th November. You choose how many biscuits and which designs. A ruler, scissors, “Best Teacher Ever” apple, schoolbus, pencil, “Thanks a Latte” mug, smart cookie, a personalised chalkboard with your teacher’s name or an apple wearing glasses. This is just the “sweetest” gift to make a teacher feel special and appreciated. Cookies go for R25 each and you can add as many as you like – just be sure to order soon. Orders are limited!
  3. Of course, we couldn’t forget about the coffee…Give your teacher an extra boost with Bean There Fair Trade coffee. Good, ethically sourced, African coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Available from  Faithful to Nature for R99.
  4. I’ve never met a teacher that doesn’t appreciate stationary and you’ll be spoiled for choice with everything available on the newly relaunched Mstudio online store. Notepads, planners, lists and more at the best prices! You can really go wild with these making up a beautiful Teacher’s Gift hamper.
  5. A cute Calico Ceramics ring and trinket bowl for all those bits and bobs lying around… Paperclips, pins… These bowls can be made in any colour, embellished with gold splatters and you can even add your teacher’s name. Small bowls start at R50. Buy online at

Gifts any teacher would love!

Best Gift Ideas For Teachers 2019 3

  1. Boost that beauty sleep with a satin pillow slip from Dear Deer. This may seem like a random gift but actually it’s not at all. The benefits of sleeping on satin is endless! Softer hair, anti-ageing, it’s hypoallergenic and more. (Find a list of benefits here). You’ll understand when your pillows arrive and believe you me, this is a gift everyone will thank you for. Pillows begin at R200 and come in every colour you can think of for a bedroom. 
    Because we LOVE our satin pillows so much we even got you guys a little discount code! Add “JUSTAMAMMA” when you checkout OR simply shop HERE and you’ll get 20% OFF and FREE DELIVERY anywhere in SouthAfrica!
    * The discount is valid till the end of November and only applies when ordering 2 or more pillow slips.
  2. A Living Eco String Shopping Tote for the teacher that cares about the environment… These scrunch up super small and fit right in your pocket! It’s also a great beach bag which won’t bring the beach sand back home with you. Find them on Faithful to Nature for R130.
  3. For the teacher that “helped you grow…” PLANTS! Every home can do with a touch of greenery and if you are clueless about which plants to buy (just like me) you’ll love The Atrium. This online nursery tells you everything you need to know about the different plants available. Indoor, outdoor, low-light, bright… You can even make sure your chosen plant is water-wise and indigenous. Add a beautiful pot or self-watering container. The Atrium will deliver your order straight to your door! Prices vary between R90 all the way up to R1000 with so many extras – You decide what you’d like to spend.
  4. Make sure your favourite teacher eats well with Bento Lunchbox from Yuppiechef. Don’t forget to add a snack or two and a little lunchbox note. These are available in 4 different colours and 2 sizes and start at R259.
  5. If you’re going to buy bath goodies… Make sure they are GOOD! Lulu & Marula is the most amazing range making small-batch, all-natural and ethical skincare products. No fragrances, preservatives or fillers are used making this range ideal for all skin types, even sensitive ones. The Body Balms are my favourite (R299) as well as the Cleansing Balm (R376) yet nothing beats the Refreshing Tonic Mist on a hot summer’s day (R339). Another great buy from Faithful to Nature.
  6. A woven Saturday Market Bag by MStudio for the trendy teacher… R280.

Best Gift Ideas For Teachers 2019 2

  1. Another stunning Calico Ceramics creation…Custom, Hand-Lettered Ceramic Plates! Create a special heirloom gift for your teacher with this hand-lettered fully customisable plate. The plate can say whatever you like. A word, a name or short phase. The possibilities are endless! Order yours at for R250.
  2. Wrap your teacher up in luxury with a 100% cotton Aegean Towel by Mungo. Soft and airy, woven from certified organic cotton. These come in various contemporary colours sure to complement any bathroom. Towels start from R250 and go up to R705 on
  3. Teachers are human too and many appreciate a good gin or wine. It’s also a good option for men – coz let’s face it, buying for them ain’t easy. Find a great selection of both online at
  4. Maybe add a funky ZANA Christmas stocking too. These are awesome for wrapping gifts and can be filled with whatever you like! You’ll find 12 different designs over at for only R130 each.
  5. Something for the home? How about a set of artisan ceramic cups from MStudio. A set of two only costs R145.

Best Teacher’s Gifts that “extra special”, favourite teacher…

Best Gift Ideas For Teachers 2019 1

  1. One of the best teacher’s gift I got back in the day (and one I still use), is our Lou Harvey Family Cooler bag. It’s been with us on countless family outings, days on the beach and years later it’s still just as good as new! These sell for R660 online at
  2. Teachers eat too and stay at school long after the kids have left. The Long Tom Coolers (also from Lou Harvey) are perfect for keeping food fresh all day. Fill up one with a few homemade or deli snacks. Your teacher will remember the delicious treats each time he/she uses their cooler. R430 online at
  3. One more bag I’ve been eyeing for a while is the Migi Designs GO GO bag. These bags are handy, stylish, durable and big enough to fit everything you may need for a day on the beach. A picnic in the park or a fun braai at friends. They also come in various designs. Check them out over at Price: R680 till the end of October 2019.
  4. Teacher write A LOT so why not do it in style with a beautiful Swarovski VINTAGE ROSE CRYSTALLINE BALLPOINT PEN available at most stores. Retails at R480.
  5. Another incredible Migi Designs product sure to last a lifetime and provide endless memories are their Picnic Blankets. Once again the designs are simply gorgeous. You can even match with a GO GO bag. Definitely consider raising funds from fellow classmates and purchasing one big gift (just like this one) together. Picnic Blankets sell for R1350 and come in a pretty carry bag.
  6. Our last big spoil will help keep your favourite teacher organised next year… The Weekly Edit from Alexa Lily is a beautiful weekly planner designed and made locally. From the cover to the turn of every fresh page this planner isn’t just pretty but also cleverly put together to make anyone’s life a little easier. Shop more stationary and planners at

Of course, vouchers are always a HIT too!

A few favourite stores include:

  • No one has ever turned down Woolworths
  • Or how about a little something from Le Creuset
  • Yuppie Chef is a winner with women and men
  • And if your teacher is a bit of an eco-warrior they are sure to love Faithful to Nature too.
  • Sorbet and Sorbet Man might be just the pamper session needed to get your favourite teacher ready for summer holidays!

That’s our list of the best teacher’s gifts for 2019… Let us know what you think and if you have a gift to add?

As always we’ve made things super easy… All the words highlighted in pink? Simply click on the desired item or brand and be taken to the various online stores where you’ll find the gift you’re looking for. Select, pay, deliver and your teacher’s gift worries are done!

The Best Teachers Gift Guide 2019



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