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10 Reasons why we love The Grove mall in Pretoria

Jul 31, 2019

It’s official, we are mall rats. To be honest we’ve always enjoyed the convenience (it’s a perk of city-life) and I actually met Mr. Perfect 17 years ago, on the job, as a sales assistant at a local fashion brand. Over the year malls have become bigger and more abundant, but does that mean better? Not necessarily. Most of the time, especially now that we are parents, going to a mall can be a nightmare. Not The Grove however…

So why do we think The Grove is the best mall in Pretoria for families?

1. Small town charms in the big city

Always start your visit to The Grove with a warm drink (remember those reusable cups) and tasty pastry from Fournos Bakkery! They have all the classics – freshly baked scones, cookies, croissants, bread, pies, cakes and more PLUS trendy extras like charcoal bread. The coffee gets 2 thumbs up from Mr. Perfect too – our personal bean connoisseur. Fournos may be a franchise but it definitely still feels like a family run business who cares about their clients and the freshly baked goods they make daily.


2. Convenience is key!

Get everything done all at once. Drop your family photos at Kodak Express while you check in at Postnet, buy groceries at Pick n Pay, Woolies or Wellness Warehouse. You can even fill your monthly subscriptions at the Clicks Pharmacy. Just remember to pick up those photos on your way out!


3. A love for local

Filly Leather will forever have a soft spot in our hearts – we exhibited side by side only a few years away at local flea markets. We can’t help but feel proud seeing this small, local, handmade brand grow into an established label with a prime store location.


Home to one of the few remaining Big Blue stores… This 1986 pop-up has become an establishment in South African culture always stocking quirky designs from both local and international designers and brands. I love getting inspired by the eclectic finds filling their clothing rails.


And a last local treasure we adore at The Grove… Rain. Born with it’s roots in Swellendam,Western Cape. Rain produces and sells African Wild Harvested Fair Trade body products with skin benefits from ancient medicinal secrets and organic African botanical actives.



This brand ticks so many important boxes and spending time in their store is kind of like a spa experience in itself. It’s a ultimate indulgence for us girls and we can never have enough Rain scrubs and bath bombs – if only the budget would allow it…

4. Bargains around the corner

With it’s wide selection of Afrikaans books from some of our favourite publishers, a monthly visit to Bargain Books is unavoidable. They really do stock a wonderful selection at great prices – and one can never have enough books, right? Always money (and time) well spent.


5. Easy Family Fun!

  • IMAX, Ster-Kinekor movies with a newly revamped Prestige Cinema ensures great movie experiences for every member of the family.
  • The only Ice Rink in the East of Pretoria -Eliana’s favourite!
  • Older kids can enjoy The Fun Company
  • and on warm summer days little ones cool off in the mini indoor water feature. No sunburn and afterward simply dry off and put on a dry pair of clothes in specially allocated changing rooms.
  • Don’t forget to pop into Safari Sam’s. A cute new addition to the mall where little ones can enjoy indoor play on brand new jungle gyms, slides, plastic bikes and ball pits. They even have a drop-off service if mom needs to run a quick errand or stick around and have a coffee from any of the surrounding restaurants. (Located next to Hussar Grill)


6. Adventure awaits…

Being a travel loving family, we never miss an opportunity to checkout the latest destination and flight specials. Flight Centre has been our number 1 when it comes to finding the best deals for every international vacation we’ve had.


7. Delicious home-style cooking

You’ll find one of our favourite restaurants in The Grove… Nikos! Authentic Greek cuisine that reminds us of Naxos island. The food is delicious, the owners warm and the decor inviting. Warm lighting and friendly staff makes this an ideal spot to have lunch with the kids, dinner with your other half or a fun bite to eat with friends.


Don’t forget to ask about their signature cocktail and Baklava milkshake…


8. A mall that cares

Sure, ever so often you may see a big activation by a popular brand hosted somewhere inside the mall BUT most of the time initiatives launched by the in house marketing team is aimed at enriching the lives of people within the mall’s direct community. School sponsorships and projects like the Lil’brary book drive are prime examples.

It was actually after visiting the Lil’brary opening event that we knew we wanted to somehow get involved at The Grove mall helping spread the word that this is more than just another shopping destination.


* Find out more about the Lil’brary project and how your unwanted kids and adult books and magazines can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Simply read more HERE.

9. We never feel overwhelmed at The Grove

Spending time in malls with little ones are usually a tiresome, overwhelming feeling. The girls hate being dragged up and down corridors. Loads of people make all of us feel uncomfortable and we actually tend to stay away.

The Grove however isn’t too big for us to handle and the open-air food court makes a world of difference. We look forward to seeing the annual feature created every year and during Christmas and school holidays we love attending their special events too.

10. Celebrating 10 years!

Being a business for a decade is no small feat! Especially in a town were the mall competition is fierce! Congratulation The Grove, may you provide many more decades of economical growth and safety for your surrounding community. May you keep up with the times, always providing families with a safe, convenient space to have fun and get some of those ticks on the “to-do list” done.

We can’t wait to make many more memories with YOU!


PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division.

*Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with The Grove Mall Marketing. All information provided by The Grove Mall. All opinions, likes and dislikes as well as the choice of stores listed above are our own.

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