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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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Ava’s happy “bee” day bee-themed birthday party with FREE Printables!

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Free DIY Party Printables, Free Printables, Party Inspiration | 3 comments

Our little Ava has enjoyed some fun birthday parties over the years… From her fabulous Frida Kahlo 1st birthday fiesta to a “two” cool for school 2nd celebration. She’s always had a blast while mama enjoyed choosing and making these themes come to life. For her 3rd birthday, however, things were a little different. Ava knew exactly what she wanted and requested a Happy “bee” day bee-themed birthday party. (Okay, okay, I added the “happy bee-day”.) The bee theme, however… That was ALL AVA!

bee themed birthday party inspiration83


The party needed to be small due to Covid and all we had going on personally. So, we decided to add as many personal DIY touches as possible. Special ways to make this a beautiful celebration during a challenging time. The girls helped too! From party hats to fruit kebabs, snack packs and baking cakes, yes I used a plural. It was a family affair for our littlest busy bee.

Paper Planery designed some “bee-utiful” stationery and decor

free party printables happy bee day

First the invitation. With the exception of the grandparents and godparents all of the other guests were invited for a drive-by.

free printable bee themed birthday party invitation

Then some pretty posters. Posters are an easy way to make a party theme pop. I simply emailed these to our local printers and then the only thing left to do was to put them up on the day of the party…

bee themed 3rd birthday party ideas

Old photo frames work great but these can easily just be stuck to a wall or hung anywhere.

Cupcakes and party packs for all!

Seeing as most guests would just be driving by we wanted to keep things as easy as possible. My sister-in-law baked the prettiest daisy cupcakes and the girls helped put together a special party pack for each little guest.

bee themed birthday party inspiration357

* Plain homemade cupcakes with cute daisy and bee cake toppers would have worked well too so I’ve included 2 FREE cake topper downloads below.

Now onto the party packs…

White paper bags and wooden pegs always work nicely.

bee themed birthday party ideas party packs

Each party pack included:

bee themed birthday party packs

With a little something extra…

We made party hats and headbands too, but more about that later. Each little guest also got a colour-in page and DIY Bee paper puppet printable to go make at home. And just as an extra reminder to “Always BEE yourself”, we added a pack of Colour Me crayons to the party packs. We ordered online via but nowadays it’s easy to find these at CNA, Takealot and a few other bespoke online toy stores.

free bee puppet printables
free printable colouring pages for kids bee puppets 1
free printable colouring pages for kids bee theme 1
always bee yourself themed birthday party ideas

Ava loved making her special deliveries

We made our way down the driveway as our guests arrived. Ava had a little cart filled with cupcakes and party pack, ready to be handed out. It was so special getting to see friends and family we had been missing for months! Some brought balloons, others sang, hooted! It was an entire parade in celebration of our little Ava.

driveby isolation bee themed birthday party
bee themed birthday party ideas

And of course, making her way back inside our home with her gifts was really exciting too!

Back Inside the hive…

We love repurposing decor from previous parties. The gold bunting from Lia’s “Tea for Two“, black checkered table cloths from Ava’s “Two cool for School” party and pretty old frames I use over and over again for our posters. Combined with bedroom and playroom furniture and some dry and fresh flowers and PRESTO – The scene is set!

bee themed birthday party inspiration65

We set up a little party table for Ava, her sisters and 2 friends.

happy 22bee22 day birthday party theme

Dainty DIY daisy party hat for the girls with a plain option for the only gentleman joining. Plain white cardboard hats covered in little flowers made with a flower punch. Lia got a little carried away with the punch… So much so we ended up making a beautiful number 3 for Ava too.

diy party hat template

And all bees need antenna… Black headbands, some black pipe cleaners, yellow pom-poms and my trusty glue gun created our little colony.

bee themed birthday party inspiration14

One cake wouldn’t do for our queen B…

We don’t eat cake often. In fact, it’s more of a “birthdays only” treat in our home. Yet for some reason Ava requested 3 cakes. Chocolate, honey and vanilla. So, instead of layering them all together, we decided to go for it! Baking 3 different cakes for our 3 year old. Seemed fitting…

bee themed birthday cake

As always, my sister-in-law baked the birthday cake. A hive-shaped vanilla cake. I only needed to add the fondant bees, a scattering of fresh flowers and a birthday candle. The cake was soft and feather-light. Just perfect.

bee themed birthday party inspiration37
happy 22bee22 day bee themed birthday party

Cake number 2 was mine. Well, actually the Hummingbird Bakery Guinness Dark Chocolate Cake. This cake means business! Rich, moist, decadent! It’s not too sweet so be careful you may just finish it all in one sitting! My number 1 cake choice for sure.

dark chocolate guinness cake
bee themed 3rd birthday cake ideas

The 3rd cake is another Hummingbird classic. Pear and honey layer cake. This cake is very different and truly special. Kind of like a cousin to carrot cake. It’s crumbly with a sticky, sweet filling, full of flavour! Eliana keeps requesting it for her birthday year after year.

* Both these recipes can be found in the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days Recipe book. It’s my favourite recipe book for baking, filled with the most incredible bakes!

happy 22bee22 day bee themed party

In addition to the cakes, cupcakes and party packs, other snacks included:

  • Pineapple and blueberry fruit kebabs
  • Freshly popped popcorn
  • Donuts
  • Homemade pressed flower cookies – these were fun to make and really beautiful. A showstopper and HIT with all the guests. Find the recipe we used HERE.
happy 22bee22 day party ideas

Drinks were easy… Homemade ice-tea and water.

bee themed birthday party inspiration172

At the last minute, we decided to provide a light lunch for those stopping by over lunchtime. My mom made her delicious bean soup served with a variety of fresh-baked breads. (You can find our best Instant Pot soup recipes HERE, just in case you need a little inspiration.)

bee themed 3rd birthday party food ideas

Something sweet to say thank you

We always enjoy giving a little thank you gift to our guests and what could be more perfect than a tiny pot of fresh, local, RAW honey for this bee-themed birthday party? A local beekeeper helped us fill the jars. The girls helped me add the “thank you” tags and honey dippers using twine and a pieces of leftover fabric.

happy 22bee22 day birthday party

Can’t forget a cute outfit…

July is cold so comfort and warmth are key. I found the prettiest winter dress from KEEDO. The lovely quote on the shoulder stole my heart. Layered with some thick black stockings and Ava’s favourite Little P boots. The birthday bee needed an extra crown detail on her antenna and wings dad made from 2 old metal hangers and white stockings. (This tutorial was helpful.)

diy happy 22bee22 day bee themed birthday party

Time to celebrate!

Ava had the BEST time and things couldn’t have “bee(n)” cuter…

happy bee day birthday inspiration
bee themed birthday party
ava word 3 437
happy 22bee22 day

She certainly felt like the “bee’s knees” and didn’t mind her intimate celebration. In fact, in many ways, this little bee-themed birthday party turned out far more special than any others before.

Quick list of vendors for Ava’s bee-themed birthday party:

Birthday cake & cupcakes: Baked by my incredible sister-in-law.

Dried flower cookies & other the 2 other cakes and snacks: Homemade

Doughnuts: Krispy Kreme

Birthday Milestone board: Nectar & Ink

Stationery: Paper Planery

Flesh tone crayons: Colour me kids

Party favours, party packs and other arts and crafts bits and pieces: Her-Annies

Birthday girl’s outfit: Ava’s yellow dress from KEEDO and Eliana & Lia’s matching dresses from MRP Kids All the girls’ shoes from Little P

Mommy’s outfit : BENA Women

Photos and video: Poppit & Finch & Hello Pretty Pictures

bee themed birthday party inspiration222

For more party inspiration check out our party inspiration PAGE.

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  1. Inesh

    Everything looks so beautiful. You are the coolest mom.

    • Mari-Louise

      Thank you Inesh, you’re very kind. Hope these prove useful to you too.x

  2. Caley

    OMG!!! What a beautiful party my friend! Just love and adore all the little details x


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