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Book Club: Barney Board Books launch

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Just Kids, Reading | 0 comments

Establishing a love for reading and books is something we value as parents. So much so that we started reading stories to our girls even before they were born. Bedtime stories is a nightly must and you’ll always find books all over our home. We want to expose our girls to a variety of stories and books that evolve and change as they grow and become skilled in reading. Books that awaken their curiosity, provide joy, teach them and take them on flights of imagination. We can spend hours at our local library or on the floor at the nearest Exclusive Books. We page through as many books as possible. So, when we got asked to review the newly launched Barney Board Books we jumped at the opportunity.

Barney definitely doesn’t need any introductions. We all know the friendly purple dinosaur that teaches us fun songs and important life lessons and skills while getting our creative juices flowing. A friend to many.

The new Barney Board Books include

Six 15 cm x 15 cm hard cover board books.

4 from the “My First” collection:

  • Numbers
  • Words
  • Colours
  • Animals

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

The 2 other titles include:

  • All sorts of sounds
  • Bedtime for Barney

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

Available in both English and Afrikaans. This in itself is amazing, seeing as Afrikaans books, especially by popular, beloved brands such as Barney aren’t any easy find.

We’ve given them a go and and here’s what we think:

Perfect for little hands and little eyes

Ava can “read” and handle these books easily and enjoys paging through them on her own.

Just a Mamma Barney Board BooksJust a Mamma Barney Board Books

The illustrations are bright and bold, grabbing her attention. Yet simple enough not to overwhelm her.

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

I love how she investigates each pages closely.

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

Awakening early language development and reading skills

The stories are short and easy to follow and remember.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard Ava making “woef” and “meow” noises while pointing to the adorable dog and cat in the “My First Animals book”.

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

Ava also babbles while showing me all the pictures as we read together. She puts her finger on every bee, flower, fish or apple as we count.

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

I can’t help but feel excited when I see her interacting like this with books.

Great for older toddlers and siblings

Lia is too young to read but she is convinced she can thanks to these books. She knows the words by looking at the pictures and proudly reads to her little sister every chance she gets.

Eliana is ready to start reading and enjoys identifying the letters she knows. She has even started spelling out some first sight words such as c-a-t and b-e-d.

Because of all of this these books are great for ages 0 – 5 years making them good value for money as they grow with your little one.

Quality and durability is key

Picture books must be sturdy and able to withstand a lot of use. From the occasional nibble to a throw down and being stood on. Little ones mustn’t feel scared or overly careful. The idea is to cultivate a love for books. Our board books have taken a beating but stay in good condition.

Just a Mamma Barney Board BooksJust a Mamma Barney Board Books

Lastly, I have to say a small, selfish, THANK YOU

Having picture books Ava enjoys to play with on her own comes in very handy for a work from home mom. I can get dressed, make lunch or answer a quick emails while Ava “reads” contently by herself.

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

If you’re a Barney fan these are a must-have and you’ll love seeing the clever ways Baby Bop, BJ and Riff makes an occasional appearance. And to those new to Barney…  I know this collection will be a wonderful addition to your home library, enjoyed with your child for many stories times to come.

Just a Mamma Barney Board Books

The Barney Board Books are available to purchase from most leading retailers country wide including Bargain Books, Baby City, PNA and Jas-myn at R46 per book.

Barney retailers


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