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Lockdown Party ideas: DIY Teddy Bears Picnic Party

How are we already celebrating Eliana's LAST single-digit birthday? Our eldest is 9! This past year has changed our family in many ways..., bringing us closer together, while also reminding us of what matters most - the ones we love. So, we decided to celebrate our...

Lockdown Party ideas: DIY Teddy Bears Picnic Party

How are we already celebrating Eliana's LAST single-digit birthday? Our eldest is 9! This past year has changed our family in many ways..., bringing us closer together, while also reminding us of what matters most - the ones we love. So, we decided to celebrate our...

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Book Club: WIN the Barbie “You can be anything” series

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Just Kids, Reading | 21 comments

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed… We are Barbie fans. Being a #girlmom it’s impossible not to love a brand that invests and cares so much about empowering woman and inspiring little girls to become all they’ve ever imagined. Mr. Perfect and I agree, we want to teach our girls that they can be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do. They can and should – Dream BIG!

So, when we were asked to review the brand new Barbie: You can be Anything series, we simply couldn’t refuse.

Just a Mamma Barbie book series

What are the books about?

“You cannot be what you cannot see.”

This is a phrase the Barbie brand stands by in all they do and like the dolls, these books strive to provide girls with a positive role model. Barbie, a young woman that set goals for herself, that dreams big and accomplishes whatever she set her mind to even in the midst of challenges.

Just a Mamma Barbie book series

It’s not about fitting into stereotypes and perfect clichés but rather about self-discovery. “When a girl plays (or reads) with Barbie she imagines everything she can become – from a doctor, chef, ballerina and figure skater to a photographer and even a mommy blogger!”

Who are the books aimed at?

Obviously aimed at young girls, these books are ideal for a variety of ages. Eliana and Lia are both still too young to read by themselves but enjoy these as the perfect bedtime stories. When they become older and learn to read independently this series can be used as a transition from early readers to young novels.

Just a Mamma Barbie book series

The font used in this book series is a “grade one” font making it easy to recognise letters of the alphabet and sight words, building confidence and encouraging little ones to learn to read.

The series is also available in English and Afrikaans, making the books available to a new group of emergent readers. Hopefully the success of this series will motivate translation into even more African languages too.

Our thoughts?

The 1st draw is obviously the illustrations. Even little Ava can’t resist the beautiful, bright pictures and Eli and Lia are always excited to see Barbie take on new roles and professions.

It’s however not only pretty picture but also great stories. Each book tells about a particular challenge experienced and life lesson Barbie learns while exploring different career paths.

Just a Mamma Barbie book serie

When Barbie volunteers at the doctor’s office she gets a glimpse of the daily tasks paediatricians face.

Good hygiene habits are also highlighted and helping young patients overcome their fears of visiting the doctor. Different procedures are shown in the story as Oliver gets a check-up and Lily has a cast removed from her broken arm.

Barbie gets cooking lessons from a chef after she tries to make dinner for her friends but it turns out horribly.

Lia is our little master chef and had a good giggle with Barbie as she tried her hand at making Macaroni… In this story Barbie doesn’t just learn a new recipe but she also realises the importance of rules and following instructions.

And which little girl doesn’t dream about becoming a ballerina at one stage or another?

Barbie and her friend, Teresa want to be professional ballerinas. They practice, concentrate and work hard at mastering every dance move. While visiting the local ballet company they get a glimpse into the world of professional dancers as well as the hard work and determination that’s needed to succeed as well as the wonderful rewards.

In the last book of this series, Barbie learns to figure skate but not without a few “bumps along the ice”.

It’s a story about determination and responsibility as Barbie must learn the consequences of being tardy. At the end our “shero” perseveres teaching fans to take responsibility and to never give up.

Barbie has friends from all walks of life and a variety of ethnic groups.

Throughout the series familiar and new characters of different races are included. I love how this encourages inclusivity, acceptance and tolerance. All values we aim to instil in our girls.

Just a Mamma Barbie "You can be anything" series book series

Where to buy the Barbie: You can be Anything series

Leading bookstores and retailers such as PNA and Bargain Books across the country stock the Barbie “You can be anything” series.


The set includes 4 titles with Barbie investigating a career in figure skating, being a doctor, a chef and a ballerina.

Just a Mamma Barbie book series

How to enter:

  1. Please leave a comment below sharing your favourite Barbie or a career she practised. It can be something you remember from childhood or something new. Maybe a career you hope to see her in soon.
  2. Be sure to follow Just a Mamma on Instagram  AND / OR Facebook. (We’ll be announcing the winner there.)

Also, feel free to SHARE this post with all your #girlmom friends and Barbie fans too.

Good luck!

Congratulations Kelly Jennings!

“Let’s inspire today’s girls to be strong, to stand up, to dream big dreams, to become anything that they want to be, and do anything that they want to do.”


  1. Only entries via comments left below will be considered.
  2. Instagram and Facebook is in no way responsible or associated with this giveaway.
  3. You need to follow both @justamamma on Instagram and / or Facebook to qualify.
  4. Competition only open to South African residents residing in South Africa.
  5. Winner must be 18+ years old.
  6. Competition closes on the 2nd of October 2018.
  7.  The winner is picked at random and announced on the 3rd of October 2018. 
  8. This prize is not exchangeable or refundable.
  9. Please enter valid email and contact info. If we can not get hold of you within 48 hours a new winner will be picked.
  10. The greatest care will be taken when mailing your prize but Just a Mamma and Blue Horizon Licensing do not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

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  1. Kelly Jennings

    When I was young it was the gymnastics Barbie. I so wanted to be her. My daughter now is Barbie crazy and her fav profession is Barbie vet

  2. Liezel

    When I lived in London I saw the Ferrari F1 driver Barbie in Hamley’s. I wish I bought her!! She was awesome!

  3. Rochelle Steyn

    I would love to see barbie as a mechanical engineer <3 I think it is great that they are casting her in a variety of careers and showing you can be more than a pretty face 🙂 My girls love their book with barbie as a vet.

  4. Dominique

    When I was a little girl I absolutely loved the Hollywood Star Barbie. I would love to see an astronaut Barbie as my little girl has recently become obsessed with space and has started turning everything she can into space rockets.

  5. Palesa Nkala

    Barbie Doctor.. My niece want to be a doctor when she grow up. She would love these Barbie books

  6. Yovanka

    Princess Barbie Doll. My girls love all of them, my oldest love all the princesses and the youngest loves the Rainbow Light Mermaid doll. #Barbie #Love

  7. Angel Markus

    i had 32 beautiful barbies and my biggest regret was giving them away ! i was and still am barbie crazy ! One of my favorite barbies was my Hollywood barbie i wanted to be glamorous like her! also i LOVED her beautiful looong hair !

  8. Khuselwa Nkaenkae

    Barbie Doctor. My daughter says she wants to be a Doctor and I’m definitely sure these books would be her favourites. She would love a Barbie book to inspire her.

  9. Claudia Mc Namee

    I remember having so many Barbie’s they took up all my space in the room My ultimate favourite was Beach Barbie She was the self confidence one out of all (well atleast for me haha) now my daughter is all about Barbie but she is the Sports Barbie fan Also Barbie’s everywhere in her room dolls clothes swim wear DVDs etc its Barbie galore , she is 6 and is a book worm of note will absolutely love the collection

  10. Sonica

    My little girl (4) and I love all things Barbie, but my favourites are definitely the new curvy Barbie, and scientist Barbie (with lab coat and microscope).

  11. Jaclyn Holmes

    My daughter is still getting into Barbie but when I was growing up I loved all barbies but my best was the Barbie motor home – it never came and still has never come to SA. My dad got it for me on one of his work trips to the USA. Now I wish I hadn’t given it away when I was 18 so that my daughter could play with it. I would love to see a blogger/brand influencer Barbie… I think it is something very relevant to our times. It would be interesting to see Barbie push the boundaries on career choices as our girls will be entering a very different working world to the one we all are part of.

  12. Michelle Graham

    My favorite barbie career as a child was a doctor ?

  13. Janel

    I remember growing up and wanting to be anything Barbie was and now my girls are totally obsessed with Barbie wanting to have Princess Power or be in a Spy Squad or even going into IT so that they can understand computers like Barbie in the video game

  14. Anu Naidoo

    Fond memories I remember when there was a Police Officer Barbie which I absolutely loved as it was a career I wanted to go into.
    Barbie in her officers uniform made me want me to become a police officer . I wanted to Protect people and be strong.
    Beautiful memories of years gone by.
    Loved these Barbie Dolls and was blessed with a precious daughter who loves Barbie too.

  15. Nthabiseng

    Barbie the ballerina
    My daughter is also obsessed with Barbie

  16. Zeenat Carrim

    I loved Barbie as a child especially making clothes and dressing her up. As a child I always wished that Barbie was diverse not only in career but in race as well. I am so glad my daughter gets to grow up in a world where Barbie is diverse in all aspects of real life. I would like to see astronaut Barbie (not sure if there is one). My daughter loves all the Barbie movies and what an awesome way to get her to love reading as well.

  17. Sharne Peters

    My Favourite was Barbie the Doctor
    I have two daughters now and they love to play with Barbie Dolls.

  18. Loshini losh

    My 8 year old wants to be a physiotherapist wen she grows up. After she broke her femur bone in an acvident, she cudnt walk for 6 months, its was an ordeal, she had to undergo an operation to mend her broken bone and many hours of physio. Today she walks with a slight limp. Shes 8 year.

  19. Manjoo Rughunandan

    My granddaughters love barbie, they love dress up game. Styling her hair so I think she would love to be beautician.

  20. ragmat Baron

    I would love to see Barbie as a teacher

  21. Isabel du Plessis

    Ons klein boekwurm wil graag eendag wanneer sy groot is ook n dokter wees, haar gunsteling is Barbie die dokter of Barbie die veearts.
    ? dit dat ons Ilaina so lief is vir boeke!


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