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New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

New Balance Sneakers for the entire family!

* This post is sponsored by Superbalist. It's the beginning of a new school year and the start of all kinds of extra-murals and sports for our crew... That means shoe shopping. More specifically, sneaker shopping! Growing feet need new trainers for netball, hockey,...

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#Momming101: Baby sleep essentials and establishing a good bedtime routine.

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Baby's First Year, Just Motherhood | 51 comments

Getting a full night’s sleep and establishing a good bedtime routine for baby seems to be the holy grail of parenting… It’s probably one of the most asked (and most bragged about) baby milestones parents need to deal with. If you were blessed with a good sleeper you’re deemed a winner but if your little one prefers late nights, midnight milkshakes or break of dawn wake-up calls… The advice starts pilling up, experts need to be consulted and sleep training considered. So, are there any baby sleep essentials that can aid in establishing a good bedtime routine?

As a mother of 3 I KNOW sleep isn’t merely something to be taught. It (un)fortunately is also linked to personality. Our girls are very different and their sleeping preferences also differ. Eliana, our eldest has serious FOMO so trying to put her down anywhere expect her own bed, or at least a quiet, dark room is impossible. Lia, the middle little on the other hand can sleep ANYWHERE! Lia has fallen asleep on the floor, couch, trampoline, many shopping trolleys, car rides, under chairs, even at the dinner table… Dark room, light room, as long as she has something or someone to cuddle, she’ll pretty much curl up ANYWHERE! And then our 3rd. Ava was born with a calmness. Just something about her, 8 months in, she’s been a dream, co-sleeping soundly in our bed.

Time has however come to move her into her own room. It will be a big transition, much like the our other babies also made. She might be a little more feisty seeing as she’s older and more aware of her surroundings but we’ve learnt a few things over the year and we’re sure she’ll be happily dreaming in no time.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials

Setting up the right sleeping environment.

I’ll confess, setting up a baby nursery is fun and with so much beautiful decor, blankets, pillows and bedding options it’s easy getting carried away! The truth is; babies don’t need much. Ava has been quite content in the corner baby nook we created for her. There are however key things that need to be considered.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials nursery setup

The colour scheme of the room.

Keep the overall feel of the room muted and only add pops of bright or stimulating colours here and there to create a calm environment. It’s not just for your baby’s sake but also your own – you’ll be enduring some stressful times in this new space so be sure to make it an environment free from overstimulation and anxiety. Your baby’s “sleep zone” eg. the crib, should be given extra consideration. Rather keep bright and fun mobiles and cot bumpers for the play pen or changing table. Pastels, warm whites and darker colours won’t excite baby.

Black out curtains or blinds.

This is the 1st thing we buy the moment I fall pregnant. Yes, it’s expensive and I’m sure someone has told you; “Kids need to learn to sleep in the light, your life will be so much easier…” I’m not saying this won’t work for some but we prefer going dark! Sleeping in darkness doesn’t just make falling and staying asleep easier, it’s actually very beneficial too seeing as this helps produce the hormone, melatonin, in our body. This powerful antioxidant hormone helps your body function the way it’s suppose to and aids in preventing cancer and other conditions. It’s the only reason Eliana (6), Lia (3.5) and Ava (8 months) all sleep peacefully in the afternoon for between 2-3 hours.

Add a little white noise.

With an abundance of white noise maker options on the market you can take your pick. Our favourite; Ewan the Dream Sheep. This softie isn’t just cute. We have had 3 babies and 3 Ewans. Eliana still gets sleepy every time she hears his lullaby and the 20 minute white noise play settles all our girls in an instance no matter where they are. Ewan was a huge lifesaver while spending time in-and-out of hospital with Lia. You can read our full review on why Ewan the Dream Sheep is our number one baby essential by clicking here.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials white noise maker

The perfect room temperature.

There is some debate about the ideal temperature for baby’s room. Some experts recommend staying between 16 – 20 degrees celsius and others prefer between 20 – 25 degrees celsius. We aren’t the biggest air conditioning fans and with the help of inexpensive wall heaters we stick to 21 degree celsius,dressing baby accordingly if we see a fall or spike in temperatures. We use the Angel Care baby monitor to regulate the nursery temperature.

Bedding and crib accessories.

Blankets, duvets, quilts and sheeting… Pillows, cot bumpers, teddy bears and plushies… What will baby really need?

Seeing as we are still in the planning phase of Ava’s nursery, I decided to consult some experts…

With 12 years of experience behind them, Avocado Green Baby and Kiddies Linen and Decor, were kind enough to assist in this department providing gorgeous, custom bunny bedding and expert advice on choosing linens for your baby. Rhona Blecher, with a team of strong local woman (from previously disadvantaged communities), work together in creating and making top quality 100 % cotton, 200 thread count, baby and kids bed linens and accessories. These ladies can make any nursery dreams a reality and also design and manufacture a large selection of decor items that include scatter cushions, mobiles, lampshades, toy barrels and custom-made fabric toys. They have some great linen sets that can be customised to suit your own taste and theme.

Must haves include:
  1. A firm mattress that fits snugly into your crib.
  2. 2 – 3 100% cotton, fitted cot sheets. Loose sheets can be dangerous and cause suffocation.
  3. 4 – 6 swaddles, receivers or baby blankets. Swaddling worked well for Eliana but Lia preferred using a baby sleeping bag.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials fitted sheetJustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials blankets

Good to haves are:
  1. With mixed reviews regarding cot bumper you’ll need to make a call yourself. Our girls kept bumping their heads while sleeping so we prefer adding one. Just be sure the bumper isn’t too thick and that it is fixed securely along the sides and into the corners of your crib.
  2. Consider adding a crib canopy to ensure mosquitoes are kept at bay. It also help create a cozy space. (Moo Cachoo have a wide selection of colours and fabric options sure to compliment any nursery theme.)
JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials cot bumperJustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials crib canopy
And if you want to spoil your little one:
  1. Quilts are a fantastic keepsake and the perfect items to hand down from one generation to the next. (Believe me, you’ll become more soppy as you become a mom). It also makes for a pretty play mat. All our girls have their own quilt and blanket set.
  2. Eliana slept in her cot till she was almost 3 years old (we considered buying Lia her own) and enjoyed sleeping with a small duvet and pillow set. Using these in her 1st bed also helped make the transition from cot to bed easier.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials baby bedding

Do not let babies sleep with quilts and duvets. Always remove all pillows, quilts, loose blankets, toys and other objects from the crib also be sure to position baby’s feet at the bottom of the crib. This prevents baby from wriggling down and under the covers while sleeping.

Don’t forget a night light

Little ones wake up at night; whether they are teething, feeling sick, having a bad dream or just not resting properly… Having a nightlight to assist during night feeds or when you’re trying to take a temperature or just giving baby a cuddle to settled them back to sleep, makes things much easier. No need for bright lights or cellphone distractions. Something with a soft glow, like this cloud night light (also from Moo Cahoo) is perfect. Later, this same night light will come in handy when your toddler starts complaining about monsters and more (yup, we’re currently there too and Eliana sleeps much more peacefully with her Moo Cahoo Unicorn night light).

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials night light

Dressing for bedtime.

I’ll never forget my 1st week home as a new mom. Eliana was born in Summer. I couldn’t wait to dress her in all the cute newborn outfits we lovingly washed and had ready to be worn. Tiny body vests, the smallest socks, pretty baby grows, booties, mittens (so she won’t scratch her pretty face) and even a beanie or two. Dressing our baby girl was AMAZING and so much fun! That was until she became all spotty…

I felt pretty stupid asking the doctor about baby measles that seem to disappear and reappear, only for him to explain how heat rash works. Fashion and outdated advice on babies needing all those extra layers was causing our Eli mayor discomfort and had her thirsty and feeding around the clock!

It was then that I realised fashion would have to wait. Practicality and comfort needed to be the focus for a baby’s wardrobe.

Out with the synthetics (nowadays, being a little wiser, we try to never buy them) and in with the natural fabrics, 100% cottons and bamboo blends.

Poogy Bear Baby Clothing saved Eliana and now it’s one of our favourite baby clothing ranges.

With a perfect balance between baby style and comfort, they give moms and babes the best of both worlds. Using only natural fabrics, Poogy Bear combines unique prints and pastel colours to create summer and winter baby garments and accessories for ages newborn to 24 months. Each item breathable, soft and fantastic quality. Our babies didn’t need anything more than one of their summer or winter baby grow and body vest (depending on the weather) while sleeping.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials poogy bear babygrows

I bought Eliana this adorable snowflake newborn set 6 years ago and got to use it for all 3 our girls. It’s still perfect and waiting to be worn again.

Baby's 1st outfit

Best of all, every Poogy Bear product is made in South Africa and from local fabrics too.

Keeping to a bedtime routine.

A lot of times parents have the most amazing bath time routines. These are fun and tire baby out easily but we can’t be bathing our littles ones every time they need to go down for a nap. This is why the importance of a good bedtime routine can’t be overlooked. Your baby needs queues telling him / her “it’s time to go to sleep.” Nothing  fancy, just a little “ritual” you always do before bedtime, day or night.  It will most probably change over time as baby gets older but some of the key associations will remain the same. This is what works for us, naptime, bedtime, everytime.

Our baby bedtime routine with Eliana.
  1. Nappy check and change.
  2. Remove any unnecessary items of clothes or accessories that can cause discomfort or harm.
  3. Turn on Ewan, the Dream Sheep’s calm music option.
  4. Read a short bedtime story.
  5. Offer some milk.
  6. Give her a kiss, tell her goodnight and rock her to sleep as she sucks on her pacifier.
  7. I laid her down as I saw her getting sleepy. Still staying with her and comforting her if need be, till she falls asleep.

When leaving the room I switched Ewan, the Dream Sheep to white noise mode.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials bedtime routine

Our baby bedtime routine with Lia.
  1. Steps 1 – 4 stayed the same but Lia is a born cuddler and touch is her love language. She was also quite ill as a young baby with regular hospital stays and refused taking a bottle or pacifier so we needed to adjust steps 5-7 as follows:
  2. Give her a kiss, tell her goodnight and offer her some milk.
  3. Cuddle with Lia till she falls asleep and only then lay her down in her crib.

When leaving the room I switched Ewan, the Dream Sheep to white noise mode.

Our baby bedtime routine with Ava.
  1. Once again, steps 1 – 4 stayed the same but this time we chose to co-sleep and therefor Ava is very attached to me. She is however a healthy, content and secure little one and sleeping hasn’t been an issue yet. Steps 5 -7 are now also only 2 steps:
  2. Give her a kiss, tell her goodnight.
  3. Offer her some milk and feed her to sleeps.
JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials baby pyjamas

I know this goes against “the book” but it wont be forever. Ava doesn’t like a pacifier either so I’m her only comfort. When she turns 9 months old (this is when an infants need to “suck for comfort” starts declining), we’ll start putting her down as we see her getting sleepy. Still staying with her and comforting her till she falls asleep.

Over the years and with all our girls the basics have stayed the same. Now at six and three and a half, we have girls that never struggle with bedtime or bad sleep as long as we…

  1. Visit the bathroom
  2. Put away our toys.
  3. Read a bedtime story.
  4. Give them a kiss and tell them goodnight.

And I’ll be doing this till they force me to stop!

Keep an eye on those awake times.

When our girls fight nap time is usually due to overstimulation. Keeping an eye on appropriate awake times is key. I read Sleep Sense by Megan Faure and Ann Richardson is 2012 and their awake and sleep guidelines have been our rule of thumb ever since.JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine baby awake times

I don’t recommend parenting books but this one has some wonderful tips and advice and worth a look at.

Be flexible.

There will be weeks (yes, I’m sorry, it happens) when your little one might enjoy power napping during the day or when he / she just can’t seem to settle. It will be unexplainable for a number of reasons… Teething, a growth spurt, maybe a new milestone is on the horizon… Who knows… THIS IS ALL NORMAL and not a reflection of bad parenting.

Cuddle your baby a little more, nurse them to sleep, keep a close eye to make sure illness isn’t a cause and most importantly, stay calm. This too shall pass.

JustaMamma Baby and toddler Sleeping essential and bedtime routine

Still having trouble…

Consider a “sleep time friend”

Having a taglet or soother toy or even just a blanket that helps calm your little one can be very helpful. These help enforce sleep associations, preparing your baby to fall asleep every time they hold their “sleep time friend”. Top tip: Buy at least 2 of these “friends”, losing one can cause serious stress and sleepless nights.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials plush bunny

Be mindful of screen time!

We enjoy our Friday family movie nights and some days My Little Pony has kept me sane but we limit screen time aggressively. Being a 1st child we were able to delay Eliana’s exposure to television till she was two. Lia and Ava on the other hand is obviously more familiar. We’ve always been strict, never letting the girls play with our phones and they won’t be owning any tablets or ipads soon, we stick to old school TV. None for Ava and only 40 minutes a day for Eliana and Lia. Nothing before bedtime and we keep their bedroom tech-free seeing as studies show even just the luminance light shining from any device can interfere with ones natural sleep patterns.

Don’t give up and stick to “the plan”.

Your baby is learning the skill of sleeping. Be patient with those slower learners and don’t be too hard on yourself or your little one when they revert and need a refresher course.

Now let us, help you!

Win a cute Moo Cachoo cloud night light and this beautiful Avocado Green quilt! Both of these won’t just be pretty in baby’s room but also keepsakes to use and treasure for years to come. This awesome prize is valued to just over a R1000.

JustaMamma Sleeping and bedtime routine essentials night light

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  1. Mel Ralph

    This post was so helpful.. thanks! We’re expecting our first little one in May and loads of research going on! Definitely want to establish a good night time routine with her from early on. I’ve also heard that incorporating bath time into the routine helps in showing that it’s almost bed time, and this is something I’ve definitely seen work with friends/family!

    So excited! Hope the night light and quilt are ours ?

  2. Amy Ferreira

    Baie dankie vir hierdie! Ek is maar regtog dom met ons 1ste en het amper permanent geborsvoed aan die begin-ons “roetine” het n lazyboy voor die tv geword want dis al hoe ek kon “cope” en ek kan myself so skop want ek sukkel vreeslik om vir Ezra aan die slaap te kry en hy slaap ook vreeslik sleg. n Slaap Konsultant kon help ons bietjie vannaand. Jou post het op die regte tyd gekom en ek gaan n skapie en liggie aanskaf verseker! Baie dankie vir die raad!

  3. Josie

    This is great! Sums up so many things I tell my new mommy friends. My son has always faught sleep, his love language is definitely touch also! So he’s a cuddle to sleep kinda guy. And routine was always the number 1 rule, for sure! I will definitely make good use of these lovely goodies for my second bub if I win!

  4. Carla

    Hi! I am 13 weeks pregnant with my first little baba and your blog has been amazing, I am definitely going to bookmark a lot of your posts for the future! Would love to win this – it would be great to get this sleeping thing right from the get-go, or at least try 😉 Also following everyone on Instagram!

    Ek hou duim vas 😉

  5. Amber B

    Loved reading this post on Baby Sleep Essentials and establishing and good bedtime routine! My little girl is 7 weeks old and due to being a first time mom, I look for tips wherever I can on how to establish a good sleepy routine for her when the time comes, so thanks! 🙂

  6. Nicke Theron

    Thank you for this post!! I have been looking for a soft nightlight, as the blockout in our little boy’s room makes it very dark at night. He is starting to learn his bedtime-routine, and naps are getting easier! However if he is still in a silly mood just seeing my face makes him burst out in giggles and then there is no sleeping soon! He is a real charmer!

  7. Lauren Hogarty

    Once again such a helpful post, I was just trying to put my 4 month old down and feeling a bit despondent at how long it was taking but your post has really helped put things in perspective and given some genuinely helpful tips. Thanks!

  8. Karen

    Enjoyed the read! So informative and it’s amazing how siblings can differ. My little one is almost 10 months old and sleeps really well. We moved her into her nursery at 4 months and it went amazingly well – yay! She loves to be cradled to sleep, but always indicates when she is ready to be put down for the night. I’m really keen to see what her future sibling will do. I love the night light, looks awesome and the room temperature guide will come in handy. Now only if I had known about your blog when I first fell pregnant I could have been so much better informed. All the research in the world cannot prepare you for this beautiful journey. Always good to learn from others experiences.

  9. Taryn Ulster

    I quite enjoyed reading this, and yes my kids too are so different, we’re currently in a transition of sleeping in our bed to at least spending half the night in the cot, with Joel, especially since we have another on the way we can’t have Joel still in our bed too. With him being breastfed and doesn’t take a pacifier or lovey toy I am his only comfort but we’re slowly made him understand that he had to come off my breast while half asleep, he then turns over says goodnight and goes to sleep, I then move him into his cot once he’s asleep but I’m wanting to move him over to the cot just a little sooner – although I’m dreading the fight back… that’s the next step anyway, it took a while for him to willing stop drinking while still awake, so we’ll get there 🙂 Thank you @justamamma for the post, for the competition too of course!

  10. Timothy Erikson

    Thanks so much for the informative read, i don’t have any stories or tricks. HOWEVER, my wife and I are expecting Twins, which is so exciting however I think we will need all the sleep help we can get ….. so yet again thanks so much for some pointers!

  11. Timothy Erikson

    Thanks so much for the informative read, i don’t have any stories or tricks. HOWEVER, my wife and I are expecting Twins, which is so exciting however I think we will need all the sleep help we can get ….. so yet again thanks so much for some pointers and tips!

  12. Chantelle Heydenrych

    Very awesome read which I wish I had when my little girl was a bit smaller….. Sleep was non-existent in our house for a couple of months!!!! She just started sleeping in her own big girl room so her sleep pattern has been all over the place again so will definately try some of these tips….

  13. Adeline Pillay

    My tip is to switch off the lights but let a little light shine. Baby will know that it’s night time and time for sleeping. Thank you for a wonderful read

  14. Janet Watson Perry

    Lovely article! I found that creating a peaceful atmosphere before bedtime with low lighting and soft talking etc., prepared our little ones and set the tone for a good night’s sleep.

  15. Simone Jooste

    A little sleep tight tko I can offer is to lay baby down awake but drowsy. The most important way to encourage them to sleep well in the long run is to teach them to do so independently, like adults babies will naturally wake during the night without knowing how to get back to sleep will cry out after waking regardless of actual need. One baby gets older falling asleep independently enables them to drift back to sleep after waking in the night and ultimately helping them sleep better in the long run

  16. Simone Jooste

    Yip not tko*

  17. Palesa nkala

    This is so sums up what my mama taught me as m a first time mom..thank for the informative article

  18. Dominique Piscopo

    This is such a great read. Little Dylan is mama milk crazy, this calms him down. Our night time routine, is quite a difficult one most nights and some not so difficult. We first start off with supper, a bath and some good body massages with some baby oil. This also relax him, and he enjoys it. Then mama offers some milk, which he loves and only settles in his mama’s arm or on the boob. And how could I forget, he cannot sleep with his blankie and his Miles from Lafede. We are entering for our little guy, hoping to win. This night light would do wonders, as his not one for the dark. And our current one isn’t doing the job. Some nights include reading a baby book to him, when he really is the extra difficult. So the quilt, will do his cuddles wonders. Fingers crossed.

  19. Michelle graham

    I have found that monitoring awake time is definitely the key! Luckily I have a easy sleeper at night! I attended a sleep seminar, and this is my routine at night (my baby is 7 months old) I nurse, then give food, bath, do a quick little massage, get dressed and rock her to sleep.
    Not associating milk with sleep will help later when she is older and weaning. She has a dummy and comfort bunny as well which definitely helps!

  20. Charne Basson

    I realy enjoyed reading this. I’m a first time mommy and my little boy is 4 months old. He has been sleeping through since he was 6 weeks old 🙂 (Very Lucky Mommy) I normaly bath him and then I will switch on the night lamp before I give his bottle. This has been working for me from the beginning. He will not fall asleep with the main light on but also not without the night light. He will lay staring at the shadow against the wall and that is how he will fall asleep with a little bit of music from his mobile. I never have a problem rocking him to sleep. The only thing he wants when he is tired is his burp cloth. He likes to cuddle with it. Another thing – Nap time during the day creates better sleeping paterns during the night. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Carla dos Reis

    This was an informative blog. Oh goodnight sleep, I miss you.??

  22. Jacqueline Engelbrecht

    I hear you with the FOMO! My first ias exactly the same! Expecting my third in April. Hope they have that calmness y ou speak of. Fingers crossed xxx
    Thanks for a really helpful post even having done ut twice before its lovely to read and remind myself

  23. Erika

    Hold them close just a little bit longer, they grow up so quickly and you’ll never have those moments again.
    Our first little boy loved co-sleeping and we’ll definitely do it all over again with our second one on the way ♡

  24. Nadia

    At 15 weeks pregnant I still have so mich to learn and get sorted so no tip from my side yet but rather a big thank you for the info and advice 🙂 Here’s hoping our little one will be having sweet dreams xx

  25. Elisabeth Meyer

    Absolutely loved reading This!! Thank you for the informative article x

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    Enjoyed reading this post. Some nights are really difficult to keep baby in his cot!! Thank u for the helpful tips!

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    Sharing this with a very special pregnant friend wish I had support like this when I had my baby!

  28. Bongiswa

    When its my little one time to sleep I give her a bath massage her every night and play till she is exhausted and sing so she can fall asleep,but there’s days where by she over sleeps during the day from playing the we stay up at night till very late so we watch cartoons till she sleeps cause nothing else works.
    Her sleep times during the day its schedule she made her self and I followed,tried to do mine but it didn’t work,and she only sleeps 39min during the day time 3times and I still need help with that.
    She hates being woken up,she will cry till I put her back to sleep and normally means A drive or me taking a jog.

  29. Monique Du Preez

    Great read! I’m expecting my 3rd baby. Although both my girls slept really well. I have decided to invest in the Lula Doll, just to make extra sure baby bother sleep extra well. I have heard such marvelous feedback about the Lula that I figure it is a must have. I’m a firm believer in block out curtains as well as a block out blind beneath. It really makes such a difference. Great tip. I remember moving into a new home and taping the old block out blind to the window with box tape, out of pure desperation, as my daughter just would not settle down in the light room.

  30. Kirsten Baldocchi

    I love that you were able to reflect on each of your girl’s personalities and needs, and adjust your approach accordingly. Expecting my second little boy in a few weeks and while it’s helpful to have a plan, it’s also great to remember to be flexible!

  31. Anna vd Walt

    So excited as soon to adopt a a little brother for our little girl, to complete our family!

  32. thea lennox

    I rub softly with my finger between the eyes and he gets sleepy

  33. Gerda Masterson

    I unfortunately have no tips or funny stories as all 3 my kids started sleeping through the night at 3 months old. The only thing I can say now is that I have to sit with my eldest whom is 10 and the only girl between the boys and tell her stories from my childhood before she will go to bed

  34. Mernicia

    Thank you for this awsome Give Away…
    My Bed time tip/ Routine is to give baby a nice warm bath everyday at the same time (to stay in routine) after bath you give baby a massage with cream/Lotion and then put on comfy clothes for baby to sleep in with a nice clean powdered diaper. Then you wrap baby firmly in a blanket, put pillows in her cot/Bed to support the baby. Put on a night light and give baby a fresh warm bottle for the night (if breastfeeding do it before putting her in the cot).

  35. Magda Tolken

    One thing that I have learned to do before bedtime. Is to keep my daughter calm and relaxed by reading to her and just to sit next to her bed till she falls asleep. Not on the bed but on a chair next to the bed.

  36. Savannah

    My boy is a cuddler too (still now at 14 months), and I know how much he loves being cuddled to sleep or falling asleep on our lap. I think it’s definitely good to play to your baby’s love – whether it’s cuddling, singing to sleep, stories, etc. This post is a must read ❤

  37. Kesha

    This post is sooooooo helpful. I have a 2 month old whom I Co sleep with but are trying to put him in a routine as I will be going back to work soon. I absolutely love all the information given as well as all the products spoken about and I hope to one day soon be purchasing themy.

  38. Deruschka Govender

    Thanks for an awesome post??Harinyah has a nappy change,milk,teeth brushed and then she’s in bed with me with soft calming music and bunny(Lilly and jack snuggle bunny) until she falls asleep.i then move her to her cot where she sleeps till the morning❤️

  39. Tasneem Du toit

    Swaddle and hold my Marshmallow tightly and the sound of my heartbeat helps her fall asleep.

  40. Anusha Naidoo

    I absolutely enjoyed reading this interesting informative and enlightening well written article , sharing this with all my friends and family thank you.

    My sleeping tip is invest in a rocking chair its a miracle working chair lol. When it’s sleepy time sit on the chair with baby nd gently rock .

  41. Jenade king

    Sleep training was definitely the best thing I couldve ever done. Also keeping her in routine made things much easier. Another little trick I read about is when putting them to bed always repeat the same thing. I would say “sleepy time. Night night. Love you” now if I tell my daughter who is a year and a half I say sleepy time and she runs to the door or into the room to go sleep

  42. Sofiah

    A consistent bed time routine, a warm bath, massage and a feed, followed by some quite time in a dim room and a little bit of gentle rocking. Also when breastfeeding at night try to be as quite as possible and keep the room dark

  43. Ayesha

    Bed time stories help my kids fall asleep

  44. Taneale McFarlane

    Thank you, always enjoy reading your posts ? Our eldest little girl of 26 months is one of those who just doesn’t sleep (she has been since a tiny baby)…so we still stick to our bedtime routine – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I won’t lie, I am looking forward to the day she sleeps through!!

  45. Irfaan

    A good bedtime routine works wonders

  46. Emma Megan

    Start early enough in the evening so you have time to get through the sequence before bedtime. For young babies especially, you may find that it’s best to keep it short and simple: washing up, diaper and jammies, and a story or song in the rocking chair

    • Mari-Louise

      Hi Kristina, What can we do for you?


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