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Baby Krister’s, little dreamer’s lullaby nursery

Dec 17, 2016

Creative mommy-to-be Heleen wanted to create a calm yet childlike atmosphere to accompany their 1st born, Krister to sleep every night. She kept the room neutral, combining modern and classic styles. Inspired by Belgian and Swedish design as well as a love for textures and tones that compliment a serene environment.

Heleen describes herself as very nostalgic and filled Krister’s room with family treasures. The cozy couch was inherited from her late mother-in-law, the changing table was her parent’s old dining room server (Bezoo Projects  revamped it into a vintage changing table) and the cot was a hand me down from a close friend which they revamped with a bit of paint. Heleen had Troufees custom make a wall sticker of sheet music with a lullaby that she composed especially for Krister. “If you can imagine it, they can print it…on anything.”

The net above the cot was hand-made with a stick out of the garden, some tule and artificial leaves.


Bedding by Big Love was bought at Kamersvol geskenke market and the soft bunny blanket is from  Hertex.


Top Mommy Tip:

Use items that speak to your heart. Don’t just match everything in sets. Each individual item will find it’s rightful place and create balance. Make use of natural sunlight. I can compare Krister’s room to the perfect prayer room where my spirit is at peace and I can clear my mind. Always dream big and love deeply!


Baby essentials Heleen loves:

We use the Angel care baby monitor system religiously.

Our Safeway heater and humidifier keeps the humidity and temperature in Krister’s room constant.

A sound bunny bought at Baby City with calming white noise and a lullaby is a real hit!

Other decor providers include:

Mr Price Home provided some of the scatter cushions, the crochet footstool, the fairy lights on the bamboo ladder (from Volpes) as well as the curtains and soft toys.

The cute little swing is from Garden Blu in Duncan Yard.

The carpet was bought at Builder’s Warehouse.

You can find Heleen’s modern rocking chair at Weylandts.


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