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Baking made easy with Annie’s Baking Club

Oct 17, 2019
Justamamma Annies Baking Club Review

Baking kits and subscription boxes (launching soon) designed to make mom and dad’s life a little easier by providing everything needed to “bake” some sweet memories with your littles! Founded by mama Des, Annie’s Baking Club is inspired by her own beautiful daughter Anastasia (Annie). 

“For the longest time I thought I would never be a mom but today I’m lucky enough to have Annie as my little girl. I indulge in every moment of being her mom! From twinning whenever we can, elaborate celebrations, or simply bonding while doing life. I want her to have a wealth of happiness to look back on one day, and I hope that the smell of cookies baking in the oven will fill her heart with loving memories.” 

How does it work?

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits Unicorn Cupcakes

Annie’s Baking Club has put together various baking kits. Each kit comes with everything needed to create pretty and delicious baked goods, easily. Think Pinterest worthy cupcakes and cookies but without needing to download any instructions, no googling quantity conversions or running to the store in search of the correct sprinkles.

These kits are 100% kid-friendly (and no-bake mama friendly too). All you need to do is:

  1. VISIT Annie’s Baking Store online at
  2. CHOOSE a favourite design
  3. PAY
  4. And WAIT for the delivery man (He doesn’t take long).

BONUS: If you’re a non-baking mama, like myself, you can order some nifty extras like piping sets, icing nozzles, cute mini spoon spatulas, “They see me rollin'” rolling pin and other helpful goodies.

What do you get?

Justamamma Diy Home Baking Kits South Africa

In your kit, you’ll find all the dry ingredients as well as the pretty decorative extras needed to create your perfect bake PLUS a handy step-by-step instruction booklet. You’ll definitely want to hang on to this. Every ingredient is clearly labeled and premeasured for your convenience.

Justamamma Home Baking Kit Extras

We only needed to add eggs, oil, milk, butter, and vanilla essence.

Now let’s get baking!

Read, mix, stir, make and get messy…

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits0393Easy Baking With Kids Just A MammaJustamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits9083How To Make Unicorn Cupcakes

Let these bake and cool before…

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits0381It’s time to decorate!

First, we make the buttercream icing…

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits9993Diy Unicorn Cupcakes Just A Mamma 1

This may get a little noisy…

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits0221

And take a bit of fine motor skills…

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits9303

Finally, it’s time to add the magic!

How To Decorate Unicorn Cupcakes

We had a production line going as the girls took turns piping the icing with my help. Mr. Perfect was in charge of quality control.

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits0465Annie's Baking Club Unicorn Cupcake Recipe Just A Mamma

And, PRESTO! We had our magical  “blessing” of unicorns! Yes, a blessing is the collective for unicorns… New word of the day learned –  you’re welcome.

LASTLY, never forget to lick the spoon!

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits0297

Why do we love Annie’s Baking Club so much?

I have such fond memories baking up a storm with my grandma. And who doesn’t remember “bak-en-brou” at school? There is just something special about creating a delicious treat together. In fact, I have many kid’s cookbooks – all purchased with the intent to learn to bake with our girls BUT in 7 years I’ve never gotten round to do so. Sure we cook together and I include the girls when making healthy snacks but it’s not the same as proper baking. That definitely takes a little more skill and know-how…

That’s exactly why we enjoy these kits so much…
  • They are perfect for beginners. And easy and convenient for the Paul Hollywood‘s amongst us too.
  • We all learn together. Whether we are weighing out butter for the icing, cutting out cupcake wrappers or figuring out how to create a batter swirl… We learn as we play.

Baking With Kids Just A Mamma

  • Baking can’t be rushed. Each step needs to be completed, one after the other and then we eagerly wait for the end result. It forces us to slow down and that in itself is already of great value.
  • These kits make for an affordable alternative to birthday bakes. Why not order a kit or two and let the birthday boy or girl bake their own cupcakes for school this year. It’s far more fun than simply ordering. Our unicorn cupcakes were such a hit for Lia’s 5th Birthday! Eliana has already requested we do the same for her birthday next year.

Just a Mamma DIY Unicorn cupcakes

  • The recipes are foolproof. If I can bake them, ANYONE can bake them. I promise.
  • It wasn’t even difficult getting our cupcakes to look pretty. Simply follow the instructions.

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits9297

  • And they tasted amazing! Moist yet crumbly. Not too sweet but still every bit as indulgent as one likes a cupcake to be.
  • Lastly and the number 1 reason we love Annie’s Baking Club… The memories. We laughed, we got messy, we relaxed and we had FUN baking up our unicorns.

Diy Home Baking With KidsJust A Mamma Annies Baking Club Review

We can not wait for our next box to arrive any day now!

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits8869

Where to order/subscribe…

Everything is online. Quick and easy.

And there are loads of adorable and easy to make options available too:

  • The Magical Unicorn Cupcake Kit we made

  • A Hippity Hip Bunny Cupcake Kit

  • Magical Mermaid Cupcake Kit

  • Rawrsome Dinosaur Cupcake Kit

  • Marvelous Monsters Cupcake Kit

  • Fairy Wand Cookie Kit

  • Emoji Cookie  OR Emoji Poop Cupcake Kit

  • and even a HALLOWEEN Spooky Haunted House Decorating Kit for the month of October.

If you choose to subscribe you’ll receive a monthly baking kit for only R295.00 per month. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, a cake or a special holiday bake delivered to your door every 1st week of the month! Ps: You know you want one for Christmas… (and back to school 2020, and Valentine’s Day, and Easter… Okay, every month)

Justamamma Annies Baking Club Home Baking Kits9203

Check out Annie’s Baking Club HERE and order your own baking kit OR subscription box today! The memories are waiting to be made…

Diy Baking Kits South Africa

Also, follow Annie’s Baking Club on INSTAGRAM to see their latest bakes and what special edition kits they have available.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division.

Helpful extra info: Cute kid’s aprons available from Trendlings.

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    Oh man this looks like so much fun! I’m terrible in the kitchen but would totally attempt these haha

    Cassidy xXx

    • Reply Mari-Louise Oct 24, 2019 at 8:13 pm

      That makes two of us Cassidy. I can’t bake anything but these were a breeze to make.

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