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Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

by | May 15, 2017 | Being a Mom, Just Motherhood | 0 comments

May is all about Mother’s Day but one day is simply not enough to celebrate Motherhood and all the incredible mom’s I’ve been lucky  enough to come across. Last year I did a little series on a few inspirational moms, I still love, and now this month I doing it again! (but with a twist.) Instead of one mom at a time I will be grouping them together according to the way they teach me all about being a better mom. Our 1st bunch of inspiring moms are taking over social media, Instagram to be exact, and filling our lives with style, beauty, creativity, positivity and authentic living. I adore them (and their families) to bits. Let these incredible Instamoms inspire you too!

1. @styled_by_mama

When it comes to modern, fresh boy-style inspiration you can’t find any better than @styled_by_mama.

Instamoms, Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

Meet Chandre, a 33 year old, Afrikaans speaking, chocolate loving, former small business owner and proud mama to little Hudson. Together with Hudson’s dad, this stylish family shares their gorgeous life one perfect square at at time.

What started out as  an adorable “lookbook” of Hudson’s cute outfits has grown into so much more… A simplistic and honest account showcasing family life in their family home – the same home Chandre grew up in – all against the beautiful back drop of Cape Town. Chandre works mornings in the family business and spends afternoons with Hudson, taking all their stunning photos. She also styles Hudson (up until now at least). Her favourite brands include Earth Child, Naartjie, Little I, Tiny Tribe and Schnooky Pie.


  • A good pair of shoes, cap and beanie makes an outfit.
  • Boys love to jump and climb so comfort is key!

Family is key for this trio. Follow @styled_by_mama not just for the latest trends but also for some fantastic family ideas and activities.

Instamoms, Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

2. @melissaswart_

My next “mama-crush”… Melissa Swart! This self-proclaimed movie buff / addict and mama to two busy bees, Xerésh and Xavier, use to fill her pre-baby days with musical theater performances, vocal coaching, motivational speaking and writing. All until she decided to put her career on hold and focus on being a mommy.

Instamoms, Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

Now Melissa has a blog, Melissa Swart. Here she shares the #thehonesttomomstruth regarding motherhood and parenting. Tired of the “judgemental bull” surrounding parenting she is setting the record straight on parenting today. Putting no definition on motherhood and rather embodying modern motherhood by living life unapologetically and intentionally with truck loads of passion, love, energy and positivity. All in a mission to uplift and encourage others.

Melissa’s love for her family is only surpassed by her love for GOD and views her entire life as one gigantic miracle. She finds strength in knowing God has “got her back” and together with her husband they are raising kids with a clear understanding of love. Teaching them about love for God, God’s love for them and love for others. “Teaching and showing them love in all its shapes and forms lays the base for all the rest, like; respect, honour, patience, kindness, generosity, stewardship etc. If we act out of love our actions will always be powerful.

And if all of the above isn’t impressive enough… Melissa also started a new venture a few months ago; Melissa Glam Bam, sharing her passion and knowledge for beauty.


  • Take care of your skin. Good skin always makes you look groomed.
  • A little mascara and lipgloss makes a world of difference.
  • Groom your nails. You don’t have to have them painted or done professionally. You can keep them short and clean. 
  • One of the things that will give your age away is your hands. Even if your face is flawless, your hands will always tell the truth, so use cream hourly.
  • Smelling nice makes me feel nice. Put on a splash of perfume and you’ll feel ready to take over the world. 

Follow#thehonesttomomstruth here, see what the Swarts are geeting up to @melissaswart_ and glam it up with @MelissaGlamBam.

Instamoms, Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

3. @LeatherJacketFoxes

Cool , creative, unique, fun, real! These are just a few of the words that pop into mind when I think of Cass Ferguson, the kick-ass, drama-mama behind Leather Jacket Foxes.

Instamoms, Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

Freelance write, drama teacher, wife and mama to 3 year old Malakai. This amazing lady has made it her life’s goal to serve others (whether at church, as a teacher or via social media). Cass sees motherhood as personal and unique to every woman and focusses on the importance of getting to know oneself, trusting your gut and living a “life that is authentic to you“. Being a mom has made her stronger and more confident. “I find that every moment experienced in motherhood is a chance to learn, grow, and to rise up and face all fears. After all, my son is learning and observing how I respond to life. Therefore, I want him to grow up feeling empowered and confident as he embraces each day.

Cass’s no fuss, real approach to parenting is echoed in her personal style. Always keeping things simplistic and effortless; a good pair of metalic shoes, torn skinny jeans, oversized cardigans, jacket and coats that can easily go from day to night are staples in her closet. It might be unplanned but I’m obsessed with the “street-swag-cool-thing“this funky family of 3 has got going on and I drool over every photo posted.


  • Make sure that the lighting is good, always.
  • Have photo-editing apps on your phone to help enhance the lightening and contrast of images.
  • Know your online audience, by knowing who you are and what it is that you are wanting to post.
  • Don’t try to replicate somebody’s else’s IG look or feed, know your online voice and style and express that in way that is personal and unique to you.
  • Never compare your IG feed with anybody else’s, comparison will only distract you from “doing you”

LJF aim to inspire creativity in not just parenting but also life, giving everyone a glimpse into the world of the LJF clan. It will inspire you to be YOU, own who you are, whilst being kind and loving to everyone else. Become a follow fox by visiting the blog here and following @leatherjacketfoxes.

Instamoms, Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

4. @miss_luckypony

The last Instamom you want to follow: The quirky, artistic and ever inspiring Angie Batis. Another mama of two, living life beautifully in Johannesburg. Always reminding me how amazing life can be in it’s simplicity, giving me serious interior design and style envy and awakening my inner foodie all while making motherhood and “wife-life” look like the best gift in the world.

Instamoms, Month of Mama: 4 Amazing Instamoms to Follow

More to follow on this beautiful mama soon but in the meantime visit her wonderful blog and read all About Miss Lucky Pony.


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