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Nanook, Wooden Toys For Toddlers

Dec 26, 2016

Who says toys need to be all colour, all plastic and all noisy…? Don’t get me wrong, you’ve seen our playroom, I understand the value of all things bright and colourful but there is something about wooden toys that makes my heart skip a beat!


I give you Nanook Furniture! The “love child” of Sue-Re Harris. Being the daughter of a carpenter, wood and dust runs through her veins. Inspired by everything and everyone around her this fellow tree-hugger lets nature lead her in design, loving all shades of green as well as other soft colours.


The Nanook range isn’t just pretty but also proudly South African in more ways than one. Although Sue has always loved wood and design it was only after her retrenchment that she decided it was time! Time to be innovative and make her dreams come true…

Together with Tito (a young man from Mabopani with a shared passion for craftsmanship) Nanook was born. These two make a killer team with Sue handling design and finishes (yep, every item is hand-painted by her) and Tito lovingly crafting every Nanook piece. And then there’s Sue’s dad, always close by to lend a helping hand.

From shape trainers, to dominoes, to balancing blocks, wooden blocks, peg puzzles, money boxes and so much more these toys are beautiful and educational without being loud and in your face.


Another added bonus, Nanook cares about the environment. Using locally sourced, eco-friendly material where possible and making most of their toys from off-cuts. Not one piece of wood is lost.

It’s obvious, we LOVE Nanook and you will too. Get your Nanook toy fix at Bella & Me. You can also follow Nanook on Instagram or like their Facebook page.

Get the girl’s look: Shop Annapatat here.

Décor: Monochrome pillows from Mayalief (Also available at Bella & Me)

Teepee from My Tiny Teepee – get your’s here.

PHOTO CREDIT | Littish Beyleveld from Littish Photography.

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