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Our 2015 Urban family Christmas shoot

Dec 22, 2016

A South African christmas means fun in the sun,  yummy watermelon and braai-time! So finding some xmas inspo for our annual family christmas shoot can be difficult seeing as most of the world views christmas as snowy and white…

Last year we decided to embrace our home-town, even more specific our little suburb of Faerie Glen.

Every year Atterbury Value Mart lights up Atterbury road with their giant sparkling christmas tree. The kids love it and know when the tree is up, christmas is near… I love the simplicity of it.Add a string of pretty fairy lights and there you have it… The perfect setting for an urban christmas family shoot.Mario Sales blew us away with his patience and never ending talent. Using a puddle of rainwater made for such cool images, he is a genius!

Top Mommy Tips

Shooting in a parking lot should be safe, just be sure to go when the shops are closed. Also remember to pack an extra pair of clothes. The unexpected water puddle we found made for great photos but by the end of the shoot both our girls were soaking wet, with no extras. Thank goodness home was close by and a naked car ride proved very exciting.

This will forever be one of my all time favourite family shoots. Being in such a fun and unexpected setting provided us with tons of gorgeous family moments and an insight into who we really are as the Candi-clan.

PHOTO CREDIT | Mario Sales.

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