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A letter to our 5 year old: Please “donut” grow up (too fast)!

Feb 13, 2017

A letter to our darling girl, please “donut” grow up, too fast…Today’s your birthday Pickle and it’s kind of a big one. It’s one you couldn’t wait for and one mama still has trouble even believing is here. Turning one whole hand, FIVE, yes 5!How can it be? How have we already shared 260 weeks, 1822 days and 43 728 hours all in the blink of an eye? How have you gone from being the 1st tiny human I ever held to the most amazing little person I know and my greatest teacher in life?Today’s a day for cupcake breakfast, sharing ice-cream with friends, Frozen dreams (yes, we still haven’t “let it go”) and a Spur party of course. But to us it’s even more than that, it’s a day we celebrate all that is YOU!

Eliana, please “donut” ever forget:

  • YOU are amazingly, crazy, cool and fantastic!
  • being fearless in showing your emotions, never hiding the way you feel.
  • Frozen,Trolls, My little Pony and Tom and Jerry rock.
  • God has created you uniquely and with a very real purpose in mind and loves you endlessly.
  • how much a smile means and you have a really good one.
  • that being a soft-spoken, gentle and loving soul is beautiful and strong, especially today.
  • the fierce warrior you are, destined for greatness and already making a huge difference in all the lives you touch.
  • to “just keep swimming”, every summer afternoon, you love it so but also in life coz Dory was right.
  • all the magic of stars, sparkles,rainbows and glitter.
  • we love you!
  • we LOVE you!

Eliana, please “donut” stop:

  • sleeping-in, my little bed-head, I love our cuddles every morning and even the grouchy way you wake up.
  • being an awesome big-sister, you are Lia’s hero and the way you love her is like nothing we’ve ever seen.
  • asking hundreds of questions a day, no matter how silly they seem or how tired others get. You have the most inquisitive mind, we sometimes just have trouble keeping up.
  • caring about others and being the person that plays with the new kid at school.
  • believing that Maleficent, Gargamel and The Red Queen where all just having a bad day but have learnt from their mistakes and are all “mooi maatjies” now.
  • doing life at a 100 miles an hour.
  • living with an abundance of passion and joy.
  • praying every, single day.
  • wanting to try everything.
  • always climbing higher, running faster and making somersaults.
  • dreaming about how bright your future will be, going to the “oomlimpies”, living on a farm and being a princess.
  • dancing and twirling and tumbling and performing. I’ve never seen a person more at home on stage in front of a sold-out crowd.

You taught us about love, faith, fun and gave mommy the family she has always wanted. My heart is full, my eyes washed red from all the tears writing this has brought me. What an honour to call you ours, what a joy to share in your existence and what a complete pleasure it is to be your “Mamma-face”.Happy birthday our special girl may you always feel loved, treasured and protected by God’s grace.

And Ps: Please “donut” grow up… too fast.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

Helpful info: Both Eliana and Lia’s outfits are by Naartjie.  Cute party hat and deer ears by Dash of Cute. “You are better than unicorns and sparkles combined” print by Panda & Frost. Number 5 cake topper from

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