Timeless Outdoor Family Maternity Shoot

Dec 17, 2016
JAM Outdoor maternity shoot

When expecting parents Kristie and Christian received a maternity shoot as a gift from a friend they knew it would be something they could cherish forever. Jana Marnewick spent the afternoon with them, capturing these stunning images.

In planning this photo shoot Kristie wanted to keep things simple… a natural look with elements of white and blue. Kristie styled everything herself and was thrilled with the way it came together. Even when wearing just a plain white dress with a blue velvet ribbon above her growing belly it perfectly tied in with big brother Reuben’s sailor outfit.


We love the warmth of these images and the moments captured which perfectly reflects this family and couple!

One of Kristie’s favourite moments was when Jana caught her being silly in between posing…something she admits to doing quite often.

“I’m definitely the one always trying to say or do something to make the people around me laugh a little, while my husband can sometimes be a little too focused and serious. We balance each other like that!”

Top Mommy Tips

Keep in mind that the best lighting will be around 15:30/16:00. If you have other small children this will be their snack time and nearing dinner so do take along snacks. Also, it will be getting chillier as the sun sets, so remember to pack something warm for each family member to put on in between shooting.

With a family shoot, it might be a good idea to ask someone like a granny or aunt to come along and lend a hand in taking care of your toddlers/young children. They get bored easily and the photographer will want to take some photos with just you and your husband.

Remember that there might be thorns, so pack appropriate shoes. I forgot about this completely and as a result, my husband had to have Reuben in his arms the whole afternoon.


PHOTO CREDIT | Jana Marnewick.

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