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Safe Co-Sleeping with Nordic Nuss

Sep 13, 2017

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep?

With so much info out there it can be difficult figuring out something as simple as where your precious newborn babe will be sleeping those 1st few weeks /months. Add the fear of SIDS and it’s enough to awaken paranoia in the calmest of mamas.

I’ll admit, I was so scared we (and especially Mr. perfect) would hurt Eliana in our sleep. Rolling over her, suffocating her, forgetting she was there… we decided to have her sleep in a carrycot next to our bed for the 1st few weeks, moving her to her own room at 3 months.

With Lia we were a bit more laid back and trusted ourselves more. Lia slept in a bassinet next to our bed during the day and for the 1st half of the night. As soon as she woke up for her midnight feed she moved into our bed. We loved having her with us and regretted never enjoying this with Eliana.

We knew we wanted to try co-sleeping with Ava but I was still a little wary. Especially having two other little ones that still creep into our bed for morning cuddles. How could we ensure safe co-sleeping?

A Baby Nest!

I had been seeing these beautiful sleeping pods pop up all over my instafeed. At first I wasn’t sure what they were… Cute photo prop? Play mat? Changing pad? Then after speaking to Cecilie from Nordic Nuss I knew I had found the perfect solution to our sleep dilemma.

Ava could sleep in bed with us, safe and secure in her sleep nest. Protected from any random flinging arms or legs, warm and snug without overheating. I can place the sleep nest on top of our bedding, so no danger of suffocation. All while we are still together and comfortable.

Co-sleeping has been beneficial to us in many ways:

  • Ava didn’t suffer from any day / night confusion and is a fantastic sleeper thus, far only waking up once to feed during the night.
  • Breastfeeding has been a breeze with my milk supply stabilising quickly. Cluster-feeding was also needed less frequently and Ava is growing beautifully.
  • Ava rarely cries and seems more calm and content.
  • Newborn life has been much less exhausting than before seeing as I don’t have to get out of bed to tend to her needs.
  • Ava sleeps for longer periods at a time and doesn’t wake after a few minutes needing to be comforted back to sleep.

The number 1 benefit: Cuddling and loving on our newest little has been amazing. Co-sleeping definitely helped us bond and form that secure attachment between myself and Ava. It’s difficult making every member of our family of 5 feel loved and cared for, being able to do this “in our sleep” helps a lot.

I adore the Nordic Nuss sleep nest and even listed it as one of our Top 10 baby essentials. We started using ours as soon as we got home and Ava loved it.

Reasons we love it so:

  • The nest can be used from birth to 12 months and is easily adjustable, ensuring a snug sleeping environment mimicking the womb and making baby feel hugged and protected. (Dimensions – Sleep area: 75cm x 30cm).
  • The nest grows with your baby and eventually becomes a cot bumper. This will ensure easy transition from our bed to Ava’s crib.
  • The lightweight, easy-to-carry cocoon can be moved and taken with where ever you go – very important when this is your 2nd or 3rd little one. Even if you don’t want to co-sleep, I still recommend using your sleepnest in baby’s crib; Ava has a familiar sleep environment anywhere we go. This makes falling (and staying) asleep much easier. (Our sleep nest replaced the need for a camping- and carry cot.)
  • The Nordic Nuss sleep nest can be used for more than just sleeping. It’s a great play mat for baby and a clean, portable, nappy changing pad when need be – no more yucky bathroom floors.
  • Nordic Nuss takes the utmost care in making every sleep nest. Using 100% cotton fabrics, excluding the bumper filling and mattress which is made from breathable polycotton.
  • Also, don’t let the name fool you, Nordic Nuss is proudly South African. Founded by Norwegian-born, Cape Town-based mom Cecilie Egner de Beer.
  • And who can resist the gorgeous fabric options?

I highly recommend using a Nordic Nuss sleep nest during the 1st year of baby’s life, whether you co-sleep or not. Get your own Nordic Nuss sleep nest here. Also follow @NordicNuss on Instagram and like their Facebook page for more info.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

VERY IMPORTANT: If your are considering co-sleeping please make sure to read more about “Safe co-sleeping” here and here.

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