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#PlasticFreeJuly: Going GREEN with Pura

Jul 5, 2018
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Have you heard of #PlasticFreeJuly? It’s an initiative aimed at reducing the waste created by our modern world’s excessive use of plastic, especially single use plastic items like plastic bags, disposable cups, straws and more. The idea is to waste less and create a culture that re-uses or cuts out all the unnecessary, wasteful ways we rely on plastic products.
In our home we’ve been “greenies” for a while and raising our girls to be mindful consumers is one of our top parenting goals but we have a long way to go before we can claim to be plastic-free.

Ways we have already reduced our plastic-use include:

  • using fabric shoppers instead of plastic bags
  • buying fresh, whole fruits and veggies that don’t need to be packaged in plastic
  • choosing cloth diapers instead of disposables
  • having a reusable coffee and tea cup in the car (especially during winter) for when we travel and buy a cup of something warm

These small changes really do add up and make a difference but we want to do more!

Justamamma Plastic Free July

Less is the way to go.

Ever since watching The Minimalist Documentary on Netflix, I’ve been on the minimalist train, trying to declutter our house and our lives. One thing that drives me crazy in our home is the amount of plastic water bottles and baby bottles we have. Our over-consumption is ridiculous and I feel ashamed every time Ava unpacks our plastic cupboard. We have too many bottles, definitely more than we need and I know it’s contributing to the massive waste problem.

The bottles take up too much space as well, they are always lying around somewhere and it’s impossible to clean the spout. The mold that gets stuck between all the part is impossible to remove.

I was also shocked to learn that all types of plastic, even the “safe” ones tend to leash harmful chemicals. I don’t want to risk our health or the health of our girls, just for a pretty bottle.

An alternative to plastic…

Faithful to Nature introduced our family to Pura after gifting Ava with one of their infant bottles after birth.

Pura, #PlasticFreeJuly: Going GREEN with Pura

We knew we didn’t want to use plastic anymore but we were considering glass. I was surprised at how much more effective stainless steel proved to be. These bottles are lightweight, easy for baby to handle and virtually indestructible.

Although Ava prefers being breastfed she didn’t mind drinking from her Pura bottle when needed. She quickly moved from a slow flow to a fast flow teat. Now she prefers the sipper spout and is even drinking with a straw. We noticed this emerging skill after she stole her sister’s water bottle.

Pura, #PlasticFreeJuly: Going GREEN with Pura

And that’s just another reason we love Pura. No need to buy different bottles as baby matures and grows. Simply change the silicone spouts, teats and lids to suit your needs.

Turn an infant bottle into a sippy cup and later a snack pod. Use a toddler bottle for years to come by replacing the sipper spout or straw with a sports top.

Just a Mamma Pura Stainless bottles for the entire family

Being durable and repurposable means these bottles are much better for our environment and much more cost-effective than having to buy new bottles every couple of months.

Easy care is key and all bottles and silicone parts are dishwasher safe except for the insulated bottles. These need to be hand washed. Everything can be sterilized.

We love Pura!

After seeing how well the Pura bottles worked for Ava we decided to get Eliana and Lia their own ones too. The 325ml straw and junior sports bottles work really well for them and the girls enjoy drinking from their “cool” new bottles.

Just a Mamma Pura Stainless bottles

Being passionate about great baby products and taking care of the environment led us to Pura and today we are proud to be apart of the Pura family as one of their family ambassadors. Our 1st ambassadorship as 5. We simply couldn’t refuse a brand who’s product we can’t do without and that shares in so many of our own values.

Just a Mamma Pura Stainless

Keep an eye out for more on Pura and please feel free to leave me a comment below asking any questions you may have regarding the brand.

Also learn more about Pura by watching the video below.

Find a complete list of Pura Stockist by clicking HERE.

Pura, #PlasticFreeJuly: Going GREEN with Pura

Video and graphics courtesy of Healthy Home Box.

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