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My No. 1 Must-have Baby Essential

Dec 26, 2016

I can list a few must-have baby items but the one thing that will always be at the top of my list is EWAN, the dream sheep. This soft, cute little sheep has ensured many peaceful nights in our house and at age 3, Eliana still loves her Ewan.

Little Lia is less than impressed with a pacifier or any other calming / sleeping aid but even for her Ewan does the trick, getting her calm and sleepy in just minutes.1My faith in Ewan was confirmed again after our 4 hospital stays during the 1st winter of little Lia’s life back in 2015. Ewan was the first thing I packed to comfort Lia and time-after-time his peaceful white noises and music option would calm not just her but all the kids we shared a room with. Every mom wanted to know where I bought him and was amazed at how well he worked.

I really think he is the best of his kind. The womb-like white noise and glowing red light (all reminiscent of your little ones perfect home during pregnancy) makes even the fussiest of babies peaceful.

This is the perfect baby shower gift too. Everyone loves Ewan!


Buy yours at your nearest Kids Emporium outlet.

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