Littish Beyleveld from Belle & Me and LIttish Photography

Dec 4, 2016
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When it comes to being a wonder woman this single mamma of two has got it going on… She has me swooning on IG not just over the gorgeous photos she takes but also over all the fab mommy and baby goods she sells.


Meet Littish Beyleveld, the founder and soul behind Bella & Me AND Littish Photography. A family gal, christian, momtrepreneur, model (check her out working it for Mischi), forever optimistic dreamer and someone I am lucky enough to call my friend.

Tell me about your life PB (Pre-Baby).

After completing my B. IS Publishing degree I spread my wings and took off for the UK. I opened my 1st boutique and coffee shop, Belle Amie in London. A good friend of mine, Jonet inspired my interest in photography and together we started Perfect Pear Studio.

With the birth of my little Isabel I decided to give it all up and become a stay at home mamma. After 8 years in London we came home and while still being a stay at home mom, Bella & Me came to be.


Multi-tasking! How do you do it all?

“Fake it till you make it.” I really don’t know how I do it all; I just put my head down and DO IT! In my mind there is no other option, it just has to be done.


Any advice to Mammas thinking about starting their own business?

DECIDE, COMMIT and SUCCEED! (Also, try not to be too hard on yourself .)


Who is your Mama crush?

Without a doubt, my big sister. She is a successful, working mamma of 3 and wife to the love of her life for the past 19 years. Their family is what it’s all about… the way they love each other and the incredible relationships they have. Nothing even comes close.


Your favourite labels / stores?

ZARA, Country Road and Weylandts.

My favourite store, hands down… InBloom Studio.

5 Things you never leave the house without:




My Moleskin Diary

Credit card


Come see why I am obsessed!

Book a photo seesion with Littish here or visit Bella & Me.


(PHOTO CREDIT | Carla Adél Photography.

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