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We GOT MILK! Lia’s 1st birthday party.

Dec 10, 2016

In our home birthdays are a BIG deal and 1st birthdays are especially major! The 1st year of any baby’s life is wonderful, magical, special, terrifying and challenging all at once and as that little ones turns 1, parents deserve a pat on the back or at least a killer party with friends and family…


I love planning birthday parties, well, any party and when it’s for our girls I love it even more.

First; some kind of a theme or feel for the day. I found that ages 1 -2 years are kind of in Mommy’s hands (thereafter they’ll be telling you exactly what they want!). I’m not big on popular themes – I know they will be requested soon – so I try to think about something true or unique to our little person.

Lia was big on breastfeeding, refusing to drink from any bottle (we tried all 15 brands available) and a pacifier was a “no-go”! Nestled at my breasts was where she felt happiest and I have to admit that although difficult at times, I loved it too. I ended up breastfeeding her for 16 months, an experience I treasure and now miss.

This love for the boob had me thinking “Hooters” or “Milkaholic” – I think you get why we went for the latter. As soon as the theme was set, the rest was easy.

We kept things simple. Black and white with touches of pink.

Guests were greeted with a milk shot and cookie chaser and could look at some cool Nifty 250 prints show-casing highlights from Lia’s 1st year.

We had a milk bar with full cream cow’s milk and rice milk on tap, purified water for formula and Steri Stumpi milkshakes on ice.

Of course you couldn’t have milk without cookies…

My sister-in-law baked the yummiest giant choc chip cookies and oreo macarons. While cute cake pops and beautifully milk-themed sugar cookies by Mmm Macarons proved a hit!

Mmm Macarons also baked a gorgeous milk chocolate covered cake – a great 1st cake tasting experience for our baby girl even though she only had one bite (guess she’s not much of a sweet tooth).

Some healthy food options were also provided.

Cute milk carton boxes filled with a sandwich, mini rice-cakes, yogurt, “melk-kos” and popcorn helped fill those tiny bellies with more than just sugar.

The show-stopper; a milk chocolate fountain!

Kids and adult alike enjoyed dipping fruits and biscuits and marshmallows into decadent white milk chocolate and it really gave the effect of a true milk fountain. The toddlers were especially amazed.

Soft play set up by Little Rascals provided fun for all the kids and like with most summer parties, we ended the day cooling off in the sprinklers.

This 1st year sped by so fast and now looking back I really can’t believe how truly blessed we are. Unsure about what the future holds, I do know Lia will be a light in this world, making everyone she comes across a little happier. We love you Borsluis, happy 1st birthday!


Top Mommy Tip:

Never believe when people say; “It’s only a 1st birthday… They’ll never remember it…” You do what you want because believe me, it’s a 1st YOU’LL never forget!


Lia’s outfits:  I love Milk romper from Woolworths, “Melkolis” onesie printed by Fees, black tutu by Cotton On, Mlk tee by KALO Kids, gold crown made by me.


Soft play rental: Little Rascals Carike +27 82 976 8485 or drop her an email at

Birthday Cake, Milk and Cookie cookies and Cake Pops: Mmmmacaroons

Printing and stationary: Fees

Chocolate fountain rental: Fountain of Chocolate

Photographer: Mario Sales

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