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Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1

Mar 3, 2017
Just a Mamma Pregnancy shoot 20 weeks cover 1

We have hit the halfway mark of this pregnancy! 20 weeks! Being a 3rd pregnancy, things are very different than the 1st two…

You are in it alone and at times this incredible blessing can be forgotten, not just by those close to you but even yourself. At a moment in time where most of your friends are either done having kids or they are in the all consuming hustle of parenting a 1st born, you will feel completely isolated. Milestones shared and celebrated in the past will be done alone.

Don’t grab your pity-party hat yet. I have come to realise the incredible gifts a 3rd pregnancy hold (a 1st and 2nd as well – I was just too “busy” to realise).Pregnancy, Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1


1. Confidence in the way you look:

Pregnancy doesn’t get easier with age. Your body is stretched beyond any limits you could have ever imagined and even during the easiest of pregnancies every part of your being is tested. Gaining weight, whether its 8kg or 30kg, struggling with feeling terrible, bad skin, sore bodies, tiredness. The list goes on and differs for everyone. Pregnancy will show you every flaw and even create a few new ones for us to obsess about but I have come to realise that we are better and stronger than our biggest flaw and in accepting and seeing them as part of yourself, your unique self, makes one truly beautiful.Pregnancy, Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1

2. Confidence in the way we differ:

Pregnancy will be a challenge but it’s the comparisons we make to our sisters in pregnancy that make it almost unbearable to accept and deal with. Looking at other mamas thinking they have it so easy, they look incredible, pregnancy was made for them (not me). It’s true, life isn’t fair for some the glow will only come after baby is born and for others pregnancy will be the only thing easy for the 1st few years of motherhood. We haven’t walked in each others shoes and should therefor never try to compare. Love yourself and others enough to find joy for your own and their situation.Pregnancy, Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1

3. Confidence in being a WOMAN:

If your a woman… You’ve got this! Yes, complications will be experienced and its even okay to hate every day of this 9 month ride. You don’t have to look a certain way, dress a certain way or even feel a certain way but never doubt yourself! There’s a power that resides within you, within the deepest parts of your being that awakens in these instances. Pregnancy, Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1You can completely trust in the way you have been created and in the ability of your body. You are not your weight, your cellulite, your acne, your stretch marks, your cravings, your bad habits! You are WOMAN and pregnancy is a gift God created for us because He knew we had the capacity to change, be vulnerable, experience prolonged pain and discomfort, to be selfless and to love like no other while only getting stronger and stronger.Pregnancy, Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1

4. Confidence in your beauty:

Forget about the Hollywood starlet bump or, if you are lucky enough to have one, EMBRACE IT. Embrace it with pride!

In a world where “realness” and “negativity” has become the premise of so called honesty celebrating beauty in ones own life is pushed aside and made to feel fake or vain. We are ALL beautiful! My girls have inherited so many of my flaws and all the body parts I wish I could change but they wear them so well… They forced me to love my imperfections.

Queen B said it best in her Grammy speech; “It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty, so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror, first through their own families – as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammys – and see themselves, and have NO doubt that they’re beautiful, intelligent and capable.” Pregnancy, Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1

5. Confidence in creating your own reality:

The root to all this lies in the things we say, the rules we make and limitation we set upon ourselves.

You CAN have the gorgeous pregnancy shoot; fabulous photographer, great lighting, some make-up and a few tips from Pinterest on posing and voila.

Embrace change, don’t focus on the negativity (notice how we kept the frontal shots and full length poses at bay… I don’t need photos of my thunder thighs, we all know what orange peel looks like, no need to dwell on it.) I’d rather focus on my fuller curves and growing booty!Pregnancy, Finding myself in Pregnancy. Part 1LOVE the way we all differ and remember that you were perfectly made way before someone told you something else. You have the authority over your thoughts and actions to make you feel good, to toss insecurity and doubt out the window, to set the haters aside and live a gorgeous life (whatever that may entail).

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison & West.

Special thanks to all the incredible people helping me build my confidence during this shoot. Makeup by Talita from Talita’s Makeup Artistry, clothes by Yummy Mummy Maternity, Made with Love and Annabella Maternity. Our unborn little human for making me stronger and my girls for teaching me self-worth and to the love of my life, Mr. Perfect for being such a kick-ass gentleman.

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