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Father’s Day with Lullaby Rock Apparel

Jun 14, 2017

Father’s Day is around the corner and just because Mr. Perfect is a “girl dad” all things don’t always have to be tea parties and tutu’s (although he rules those too). This year we teamed up with Lullaby Rock, one of our favourite brands, to surprise him with a rocking Father’s Day photoshoot. A tribute to the man we call DAD!

“Our Dad is STRONG, just like his coffee!”

The location was easy…

These days date nights can be a challenge therefor we rather do “coffee dates”. Early morning breakfast at a fun spot – the girls are (usually) at school, so no babysitter required. It’s easy. Just us, no interruptions, catching up and cuddling like back in our student days. Today’s date however turned out a little different. Still an early morning coffee at one of Mr. Perfect’s fav hang-outs (being a coffee fanatic and all) BUT… with the entire Candi-clan and Madison & West tagging along.

Starbucks at Menlyn Maine, with too many coffee and warm drink options as well as tasty treats to mention, you need to check it our for yourself!

“We ROLL just like dad!”

Twinning has never been our “thing” but with these awesome “Rock & Roll” mom and dad tees, who could resist? Lullaby Rock has been dressing our kids way cooler than us since 2013 and now we got to get in on some rockstar style too. Black, white, grey… Keeping their roots in monochrome awesomeness, Lullaby Rock creates edgy, cool tees, leggings, jackets, dresses and skirts. Other key factors in all Lullaby Rock designs: comfort, value and great quality, all essential in toddler wear.Every item makes a statement, especially their statement tees! “Natural Born Styler” for Eliana – the “natural” choice with her love for all things black – and “My Dad is Awesome” for Lia coz we know she has him wrapped around her little pinky…Accessories like the slouchy beanie and tulle skirts in black and white makes Lullaby Rock fun and kid approved.

BOTTOM LINE this Father’s Day…

“When your Father(s) “Lullaby” ROCKS, your world “Lullaby” ROCKS!!!!!!”

Whether you’re a girl dad, boy dad, father to one or father to many or even still a daddy-in-the-making… Your kids

Desire to spend time with you…

Adore you and needs your…

Devotion to become who they are meant to be!

Happy Father’s Day to every rocking dad, granddad and great granddad… May you all be celebrated and loved this Sunday.Shop all of our looks online at 

Roll with Lullaby Rock on Instagram and like their Facebook page here.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

Helpful info: Lia’s funky Boswell kicks from Shooshoos. Eliana’s black high top sneakers from Woolworths and Mari-Louise’s super comfy and max stretch maternity leggings from Yummy Maternity. If you missed it, check out why it’s my go-to maternity essential here.  

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