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Life changing CPR course by Survival CPR

Mar 13, 2018
JustaMamma Survival CPR

Attending a 1st aid and CPR course is a must for all parents. I learnt so much after the Survival CPR one day course at Wilgers Hospital last year. It was jam packed with more information than I ever expected.

One of the most interesting things discussed was about the chain of survival. This differs for adults and children… The adult chain of survival consists of the following:

JustaMamma Survival CPR Adult Chain of Survival

For babies and children however there is a very important 1st chain…

JustaMamma Survival CPR Baby / child Chain of Survival

For little ones, harm could most likely be prevented.

For this reason the bulk of the course focusses on safety.

I’ve always though of our home to be a safe space but this course was eye opening. Loads of tips and guidelines are provided for home, car and water safety. They even included a section on SIDS too. After making the suggested changes I  feel more relaxed knowing our house is less prone to unnecessary accidents happening.

Another useful tip, the correct way of phoning in an emergency.

When accidents happen, things are stressful and doing something as simple as phoning an ambulance can be impossible. For this reason the instructor advised us to keep the local emergency numbers on the fridge or on your phone. Always have it written down somewhere (with pictures for your little one) so that anyone can make that call.

What to tell the operator, and in this order:
1. Your number (This is the most important thing seeing as they will be able to phone you back in case you get cut off.)
2. Your name
3 Your physical address where the emergency occurred (They will dispatch a team while still talking to you and need to know where they are heading.)
4. The type of emergency and remember to specify if the emergency involves a child. (Before you get into any detail, tell the operator if the emergency involves a child. Children need special emergency equipment not carried in an ambulance. The EMTs will need to grab a specially packed bag before leaving the hospital.)

JustaMamma Survival CPR emergency phone call information print out

Be sure to print this out, laminate it and put it somewhere handy in case you draw a blank during an emergency. Also speak clearly and calmly and only provide relevant info.

Doing the Survival CPR course is an investment.

(And one you only need to repeat every 4 years.) Hopefully I’ll never need to use the skills acquired but at least now, if need be, I’ll be able to act in a time of need. Classes are held in an informal group setting with lots of opportunities to practice and apply what the instructor has just taught. Catherine’s team is also very passionate and helpful and want to empower parents, showing them they can save their child’s life. Mr. Perfect will be doing his training soon and I hope a few of you will be joining him too.

JustaMamma Survival CPRSurvival CPR runs CPR and first aid courses every Saturday. Have a look on their website for more info and to book a class near you. You can also stay up to date by liking their Facebook page.
Survival CPR contact info

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