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Relaxed Newborn shoot with Conrad Hero Photography

Aug 20, 2017

You may have noticed photos are kinda our thing… I have a phone full of kiddy snap shots, endless memory cards I still have to download and stacks of albums but it’s not just photos, we LOVE good photography too and make it a priority to let the pro’s do their thing when it matters most. That’s exactly why we got Conrad Hero Photography to take some precious newborn photos of our little baby Ava.

Only 1 week old at the time we were pretty much in a sleep and feed frenzy, hibernating from the world. Conrad and Mareli were calm and relaxed and brought everything needed for the photoshoot from props, accessories and even professional lighting! We didn’t have to do a thing; except provide the “model” of course…

Ava was still so tiny – I couldn’t believe how easily and lovingly Mareli and Conrad carefully wrapped and photographed her. Capturing every perfectly precious part of her.

Ava (who usually sleeps though anything) kept opening her eyes every time the camera would flash but Conrad and Mareli just rolled with it, not trying to force a picture but rather just capture the moment. We are so happy they did because we got some magical images of our little angel.

Almost every photo has Ava grinning or giving a sweet smile. We know these “aren’t real” but we like to think it’s a glimps into her soul.

Ava Loïs, filled with life and praise. Desired. Established in truth.

Our little person that from birth has blessed our home with some much needed calmness and even more joy than we had before.

Conrad Hero photography is more than just photographers, they are a husband and wife team of creatives that will treat you and your memories with all the love and respect deserved, all while capturing each frame beautifully.

See more of their amazing work on the Conrad Hero Photography Facebook page and follow them on Instagram too.

PHOTO CREDIT | Conrad Hero Photography.

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