Just a Mamma Christmas gift guide: Toddler Edition

Nov 7, 2016
Just a Mamma Christmas Gift Guide Toddlers

I know, it’s corny but with Christmas around the corner I can’t help but get a little excited, okay A LOT! We, like most, LOVE Christmas! It is after all the celebration of Christ, summer holidays and that time of year we can unwind, take things a little slower and spend time with the ones we love.

It’s also time to start writing those letters to Santa Claus! This year we thought we could help lighten Mr. Claus’s load by making Christmas proudly South African and supporting some of our amazingly talented local creatives. To make thing easy for Santa’s helpers (F.Y.I that would be YOU) we have compiled a few lists of our own… Fantastic finds for the whole family from baby to toddler and we didn’t forget Mom and Dad either.

Kicking off with the fussiest gift receivers of them all; toddlers!

1. My Tiny Teepee

First on our list, My Tiny Teepee. In case you missed it, or have been living in a bunker somewhere… Teepees are what it’s all about! It’s not just a gorgeous decor piece but also a fantasy and play haven for little ones – and their parents too. (Check out our Playroom post here.) We simply adore our teepee and spend countless hours reading, giggling, cuddling and sometimes even napping inside our special hideout. My Tiny Teepee takes teepees to the next level and you can not get any better. From the quality to the service to the uniqueness and love that goes into every custom made teepee… The possibilities are endless!

2. Nanook Furniture

Now, let’s talk toys! I get it, if it’s not My Little Pony, my little girls aren’t interested… Until, Nanook Furniture decided to start a toy range. Don’t be fooled, you might think you are looking at a pretty piece of decor but it’s actually a toy and not just any old toy. It’s educational too! Nanook has the most incredible collection of wooden toys ranging from shape trainers to peg puzzles, blocks and so much more. Read our full feature on why we are “Hooked on Nanook” here.

3. Proudly South African Books

A Just a Mamma gift guide would not be complete without some books and these are all proudly South African. From the writers to the publishers and even the printers too, all local! Most of these are available at your local Exclusive Books but I’ve include a link to where we bought ours, just click on the image.

The new Liewe Heksie series, the Murray & Me series and Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse,  My First Jozi words and Wolf Wolf goes to Mauritius.

4. Krokenoster sleeping bags

Another must-have… One or two (we want all 3) of Kr0ken0ster‘s super cute sleeping bags. These sleeping bags are the perfect gift for “the little socialite”. Easy to take along to those boring Christmas get-togethers parents insist on having (they always go on past bedtime), a cozy bed wherever you might be vacationing and the perfect snuggle nests for family movie night! You have to check out their entire range. So much cuteness to love.

5. La Fede soft toy animals

Our last pick has to be La Fede. Chantelle creates the most original soft toy animals. Anything form bears, to buffaloes, to funky flamingos and the range is still growing! These little lovelies will creep into your heart and become part of your family and are the perfect companion for any boy or girl. I also have to take a moment to mention their wooden cameras. You see the ones below, they have been popping up everywhere and now you know where to find one of your own.

There you have it! Our TOP 5 proudly South African toddler gift guide. These are our favourites, did I leave anyone out? Please leave me a comment telling me who you love.

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