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Turning 3 and it’s all about me!

Oct 2, 2017


It’s always been a favourite of mine… 13 Feb 2003 – the day I met Mr. Perfect, October 3rd – our wedding anniversary, also the amount of little ladies we currently have and 3, the age of our middle little.

Isn’t 3 just the cutest? We’re past the hard work of those 1st few years and everyone survived the “terrible twos”… no more bottles, diapers, no trying to decipher the wants and needs of a 3 foot dictator.

Yes, 3 is basically all still ego BUT sprinkled with a whole lot of cute!

A sonnet (of sorts) for our 3 year old Lia.

You’re pure emotion and energy all rolled into one,

but you’re learning to direct it into somethings more fun!

Yes, it’s still your way or the highway,

but when you bat those big brown eyes, we do whatever you say.

Impromptu plays that WOW,

we’re already practicing our standing ovations now.

Little Miss Baker,

you’ve even inspired mommy to become a cake maker.

Music and dance is part of what makes your heart beat,

that’s why you can never stop moving your feet.

You’re all laughter and all joy until you’re not

but a tantrum only lasts a minute, you never stay hot.

Your patience is awe inspiring. You’ve taught us all.

From figuring out where the puzzle pieces go to putting on your own shoes, you keep breaking down every wall.

You set the pace, living life your way, stopping to smell every rose,

it’s like you know… “this is how true happiness grows.”

Orange is your favourite colour,

can I get a whoop whoop holler?

It’s not a rumour,

you have the best sense of humor!

You’re kind and you care,

never minding to share.

Getting dirty… You love outside play,

you do it everyday!

Keep giving me those huge, sticky hugs and kisses,

it’s one of mommy’s biggest wishes!

Morning cuddles and sleeping in the nook of my arm,

it will never lose its charm.

We love you Lillipit.

For all of your joy, all of your magic and all of your wit.

May this heart of 3,

forever be.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

Helpful info: All the girl’s outfits by Annapatat Kids.  Cute crochet  and silver money box crowns from La Fede. Lia’s shoes, Shooshoos – who else… My dress by Judith Atelier. “All about me” balloon by Konfetti Love. Petty wooden table and bench by Dovetail. Wood beaded garland, Tiger Lily Tots. And we baked the cake ourselves!

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    The cutest little birthday shoot x

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