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Surprise backyard picnic with my Valentine.

Feb 17, 2017

It’s summer, it’s the “love”-iest month of the year and the perfect time for a picnic! What can be more fun and romantic than a surprise backyard picnic…? And with the help of a few trusted “friends” you can create something beautiful for that special someone you love to spoil.

Now that both our girls spend their mornings at pre-school we have started a little tradition we call Monday morning dates. It’s our spin on date night seeing as we don’t have an easy time finding babysitters in the evening. February being Valentine’s Day and also our dating anniversary (yes, we still celebrate it – 14 years!) I decided to surprise Mr. Perfect with a little backyard picnic and couple’s shoot coz these days we only take photos with or of the kids.

First, the set-up:

I wanted to do something fun and a little mischievous. “Stealing” the girls beloved teepee would provide us with a cosy sanctuary in which to escape for an hour or so. Add blankets and cushions for comfort…

A hand-written card telling him why I think he’s the bee’s knees, the wiggle in my giggle and the dart stuck in my heart.Some beautiful props by M.studio and flowers to set the mood and make everything ooh la la!

Then the FOOD:

I’m no baker, especially not before 10 am so I kept the treats to the store-bought variety. Plated up nicely and with loads of love. It’s kind of the same thing, right? (; And I made the coffee (and tea).

Throw in a brilliant photographer to spy on you while you relax and enjoy each other’s company:

I have to give it to Anje. She was like a fly on the wall, well tree in this case. We could just enjoy each other, have some treats and fool around. We never felt uncomfortable and kind of forgot she was even there at times.

Looking back at the images captured I’m so happy we did this. Like most parents we tend to easily forget about the couple we were before we became mom and dad and seeing these real moments of honest joy and love shared reminds me of “us” and where it all started. We still got it babe!

Happy Valentine’s Day (and summer picnics) to all the parents out there still head over heels in love! Kids, mom vans, mortgages and all.

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje- Ilana from Madison & West.

Helpful info: My comfy and stylish Taya dress by Annabella Maternity. All the yummy treats to eat are available at Woolworth. Our stunning teepee by My Tiny Teepee. “You float, my boat”  cushion set by ZANA.

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