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Baby’s 1st Christmas: The perfect Little keepsake

Nov 17, 2017

Christmas is such a special time of year but this year is going to be extra special, we’ll be celebrating our baby’s 1st Christmas!

It will be the 1st time Ava gets to share in all our family traditions and Xmas celebrations. She will see the magical twinkle of Christmas lights, smell our homemade cookies, hear ABBA fill the house, feel the warmth of Jesus amplified and even get a taste of festive cuisine (thanks to mama’s milk and all). All for the very 1st time.

Sure, she won’t remember a thing but we will! Especially Mr. Perfect and myself. We’ll be taking photos, documenting and treasuring this 1st just like all the rest. It is after all a 1st for us too… Our 1st Christmas as a family of 5.

And like with most occasions, we like to dress the part – I’m after all a girl mom (and proudly living the cliché more and more everyday). We simply adore Little, their newborn box was some of the 1ste outfits Ava wore and when I saw their Xmas box I knew Ava had to have one.

The cute romper is perfect for our warm summer Christmas days and with the help of some friends they added fun extra’s too.

The beautifully packaged in a wooden keepsake box.

This is probably intended to store your little elf in year round but I’m going to fill it with some 1st Christmas treasures to show Ava one day. Corny handmade decorations, a few photos, secret family recipes, a photo of her 1st meeting with Santa, the price of christmas mince pies and a mushy letter of course (after Christmas I’ll ad the outfit too – maybe her future little can wear it too).

Zhoosh linen’s answer to “Elf on the Shelf”.

On my 1st visit to the states back in 2007 I met “Elf on the Shelf“. A cute little guy with loads of festive charm. I knew I wanted a similar tradition with our  future kids. The Christmas Eliana was 2 Kikka elf came to visit (my attempt at doll making). We left out the naughty and nice thing. Our elf is just here to help everyone get in the Christmas spirit. Planning fun things for the girls to do. You can find our past adventures if you search #kikkaelf. Finn, yes that’s our new elf’s name – I may never have a boy so might as well start using my fav names. Finn will be Kikka’s cousin and the personal elf Lia has been begging for. Follow our Instagram to see what these two get up to over the holidays… #KikkaAndFinn

And a dash(er) of adorableness to top it all!

Of course Ava couldn’t be the only reindeer so Bellapoppelina made Eliana and Lia hats too.

These reindeer beanies are 100% organic cotton which means they are cool in summer, warm in winter and perfect for SA Christmas. Oh deer, aren’t they the cutest.

There’s not a lot of these boxes left so if you’d like one “sleigh” right over to Little’s online store.

They have so many adorable stuff remember to follow them on Instagram and Facebook too.

Oooh, things seem to be getting merrier by the day!

PHOTO CREDIT | Anje-Ilana Nel from Madison and West.

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